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A Spring Cleansing Ritual To Revamp Your 2020

A Spring Cleansing Ritual To Revamp Your 2020

Happy Spring Equinox! In the Astrological Calendar this is the beginning of the true “New Year” so if your 2020 has been a bit rocky (honestly who’s hasn’t?) feel free to take this opportunity to start fresh and new, and add some juice to the things you’d like to see sprung into the future. 2020’s Equinox however comes in stillness, and for some of us forced isolation and quiet. I sat with my spirits and pulled a few cards and messages around what we should know, how we should prepare, and shared a quick ritual with you as always for bringing in the Equinox blessings. Let’s dig in.

First things first, it’s time to reevaluate those lessons learned in the major eclipse transits during the end of 2019. (Remember those?) Think about what was coming up for you from around August 2019  – January 2020. What areas of your life lit up? What tough lessons did you learn? For a lot of us those lessons were highlighted again with this past Mercury retrograde and this time we got deeper. We got to see the ancestral causes of our fears and issues with things. Intimacy issues; Money issues, whatever issues were holding us back came into the light, the work we needed to do was brought forward, and right when we were rearing to get started,The world said “STOP! You’re tired.” “STOP! Your old systems of handling this will not suffice.” “STOP! Reevaluate! Innovate!”

Fresh out of Retrograde on March 9th Mercury peaked it’s head into Aquarius giving us a brief moment of clarity, foresight and relief, before returning into the dreamy ancestral land of Pisces where it will remain until April 10th. Pisces isn’t one for forced motion. Pisces likes to dream, float, take it’s time. Sometimes blurring the waters until we’re ready to see. Along with 6 planets in earth signs this Equinox strips away any misconceptions or limiting beliefs around the systems we rely on. We watched the world change in an instant in reaction to pandemic. Artists will innovate, jobs that we were told could not be done remotely will be handled that way, and whatever happens post pandemic two things will be true, we will progress, and we will be forever changed. This Equinox is inviting you to prepare your spiritual home, your spiritual systems, and your internal world first.

Spring is a time of fertility, abundance, things growing and sprouting out of the ground, and they are, (even if you can’t quite see it yet.) Now is a fantastic time for manifestation work, vision boards, sharing ideas and connectedness even in the spirit of “social distancing.” Use your technology! We’re clear of Retrograde’s tricks, so your FaceTime calls with friends, catch ups with family and group calls are all recommended. Take time to care for your home and yourself. What needs to be tidied? Reorganized? Restructured. REST. We as a collective are overworked, dehydrated, and exhausted. Get the sleep you didn’t catch up on. Most importantly move with gratitude. For those of us who don’t have the luxury of working from home, our sanitation workers, those at the fringes of society, and those working in healthcare, send up prayers of resilience and gratitude for them regularly. Refresh your altar spaces. Pour out cool water for your ancestors carrying you this far.

Ritual Refresh/Glamour Bath:

For clarity, a fresh start, fresh ideas, anytime you want to start clean and new. My favorite for after a bout of illness or a particularly taxing show or ritual working. I wouldn’t recommend for heavy cleansing work, but for refreshing the spirit, and providing a sense of peace, calm and readiness, for calling in blessing closer add Angelica Root.

  • Fresh Basil
  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Florida Water (my handmade Florida Water is available for purchase on my website)
  • Sea Salt
  • Rose Petals or some other type of pink flower.

In a fresh basin of water rip all fresh ingredients with the hands and pray for peace, abundance, and clarity. Add florida water and sea salt. Sprinkle rose petals, mix and work with hands as needed. May be soaked in as a light glamour working, or poured over the body in the shower, and rinsed to remove things away. I enjoy air drying post this bath without a rinse and allowing the fragrance to sit on my skin and the juju to soak in.

Hoodoo Work From Home Floorwash + Blessing Candle

A lot of us are finding ourselves working from home for the first time, out of work, or looking for creative ideas for income. This working is for creatives, freelancers, those looking to bring income to their door, create a peaceful work from home environment, and bless their space with peaceful energy. Remember that ritual work has to be combined with action to move, so start that project you’ve been sitting on, or that business!

See Also

  • Rose of Jericho
  • Lavender
  • Basil
  • Chamomile
  • Five Finger Grass
  • 5 silver coins
  • Rum or Whiskey
  • Orange Peel
  • Cinnamon
  • A new mop
  • A new broom
  • $2 bill + Blue Candle.

Combine all plant materials (set aside a little of each for your candle) and fresh water in a basin and add boiling or warm water. Add silver coins (quarters or nickels will do) and rum or whiskey and pray that finances find your home from all directions, that business flows well, that your clients (if you take clients) tip well, and that you continue to receive money. While still warm take your new mop and mop around your home in a counterclockwise fashion. Let herbs dry on floors and sweep up also counter clockwise when you’re done. Sprinkle the dry herbs into your yard and around your home and bushes. Throw your mop water out in the street in front of your home.

Dress your blue candle (clean with salt water or florida water first) with your dried herbs and any condition oils of your choice. Place it on top of your $2 bill and pray that abundance, money and peace enter your home. That any business done in your home is lucrative and fruitful, and that you get good flow of business and income. Place behind your door and burn daily until burned completely through. Dispose of at the trash near a bank for extra money blessings.

As always take your white baths, book your divinations/readings (my books are open!) and invest in your healing services at this time. Reiki can be received remotely and I suggest you invest in Reiki services if you can! Loads of practitioners are offering discounts, working overtime to provide comfort in this trying times, and creating content at lighting speed. We’ll be over the hump soon enough!

To schedule a reading, get to know more about my spiritual work and music, and just generally vibe, Hop over to To support my work and get the latest on music releases, and exclusive patron only content, feel free to become a patron at

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