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Travel in Style With Noir Girl Magic

Travel in Style With Noir Girl Magic

Traveling is the new black. Millennial women everywhere are taking up the challenge to immerse themselves in foreign cultures, expanding their identities and overall perspectives on life. Never before have we been this encouraged spread our wings and fly (literally), and while those passports get stamped we need more ways to show off our #blackgirlmagic. Noir Girl Magic offers just that. With cultural travel accessories for the girl on the go, you’ll never leave home without reppin’ your melanin.

Created by Los Angeles native Edwina Warder, Noir Girl Magic is a brand offering travel apparel, blankets, pillows, luggage scales, carry on bags, and more. Serving as a sister company to eBizTravel, an agency concentrating on African American group travel, Noir Girl Magic was made to reflect and shape black culture beyond borders. Born from Edwina’s love for traveling, she founded both companies motivated by her dream to retire early. Noir Girl Travel was the initial brand serving as a meet up group within her traveling agency, however it soon blossomed into a line of accessories aimed to dispel cultural misnomers we often face as black travellers.

The mission of Noir Girl Magic is to empower African Americans as they explore the world, helping to refine our narrative while traveling in style. We are often pre judged as a culture, yet Edwina’s hope is to educate others on the beauty that is black people as well as teach us about the traveling industry as a whole.

We need to know our industry inside and out so we must continually do our research so we can capitalize on all opportunities. We are still a work in progress and are eager to learn all we can.

With a new website launching soon, Noir Girl Magic is set to expand to include branded luggage and even a honey moon travel registry. Edwina plans to also create affiliate travel groups and agents, to help increase our representation in the travel industry. So before you book that next trip, make sure you get your Noir Girl Magic gear and jet set in style!

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