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10 Black Influencers & Creatives You Need To Follow

10 Black Influencers & Creatives You Need To Follow

How many times will we see a black women create something and get no applause for it? How many times will black women die in hospital beds? How many times will black women be pit against one another ? It has always been important for black women to stand together but now it is more important than ever. We are all we got!

Real life is one thing but the virtual world is something completely different. We are on social media for hours, consuming all different types of energies, images and information which is why it’s so important to follow people who look like you, who you can relate to, who can teach, motivate & inspire you.

Black women are the blueprint. Will always be. Here are 10 beautiful black women that are on my must follow list.


1. @Nayelizabeth


Naomi Parris is a 20 year old, Brooklyn native, who decided it was time for her to come out of her shell and show the world her individuality and style. Naomi also has a blog that shines light on other creatives’s style she admires, fashion advice such as “how to incorporate prints into your wardrobe” and her own looks as well. Naomi’s energy, beautiful tresses, outfits & friendly demeanor are a breath of fresh air!


2. @Khadijahinspires


24 year old, Brooklyn native raised in Guyana, Khadijah makes it her mission to get involved in everything that she loves to do. From modeling to investing, being an entrepreneur and content creator, she does it all. Did I mention that she also raps and dances? Khadijah’s brand represents how always being true to yourself and taking pride in expressing yourself can be magical. Her energy, support, inspirational videos, bars and tutorials will always have you wondering what she’ll get her hands into next!


3. @Artmomproject 


Art Mom Project was founded by Tyra Mitchell, a 25 year old, mama & creative. Art mom project is a safe space dedicated to young mamas across the globe bonding through personal stories & beautiful art.


4. @rebelliousdaisy 


24 year old, Brooklyn native Daisy is dedicated to diversifying the fashion world with her unique minimalist futuristic aesthetic. When she’s not creating, she’s speaking up for social injustice,  or motivating black young women to go for it all. Her loving determined nature & wisdom will definitely give timelines spunk.




24 year old Brooklyn native Jas Stukes is an inspirational guru who uses her tools and degree to help/guide people who look like her. Jas is an ABA therapist, Millennial life coach, writer and motivator. She is passionate about motivating and inspiring others to break bad habits, heal and grow both mentally and emotionally.

Heavy on  representation being very important, she believes that this affects how positive resourceful information is better received. Helping to break stigmas one by one she is en route of obtaining her master’s and state license in becoming a psychologist. Her post are inspirational and feel as if she’s @ing you in captions. Her videos feel as if  she’s known you for your whole life and her tweets make you retweet with “SISSSS” are what we all need more of.




Kirtisha is a 21 year old Brooklyn native who puts a lot of her focus into mastering film photography and strengthening her creative eye. Blessing feeds with her keen sense of fashion is something that comes easy for her. If her fashion sense doesn’t take your breath away or leave you inspired to buy a whole new fit for your next link up, her eye for capturing beauty and other creative’s angles definitely will!


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7. @Diannalopez


Dianna Lopez is a 23 year old, bedroom born singer & song writer from Rockland County, New York. She seamlessly blends styles from rock to Avant-pop and R&b. Between the mesmerizing lyrics and instruments, you will have no choice but to fall in love with her angelic voice!



8. @margotfrombrooklyn

28 year old, Margot Elise is a writer and content creator. She currently leads social and content for a diversity & inclusion platform. This year Margot and her boyfriend decided to put their creative hearts together to create @happyplottn, an instagram account where their creative abilities don’t go unnoticed. They create all their graphics, photos and videos in house for Happy Plottn. Together they dedicate their time in educating both new and old plant parents about various topics from the importance to trimming, to how the environment can play a role in plant growth.


9. @bbgrla 


19 year old, model and artist from Philly, Alexandria always was a creative at heart. The lack of representation in the beauty world furthered that passion and drive to dive heavily into creating and being someone that black girls could see themselves in. She has not let up even a bit no matter what comes her way. Alexandria continues to bless timelines, covers and videos with her beauty, passion and energy.


10. @jocelynarivera


25 year old, Brooklyn native Jocelyn Rivera plays many roles in the music industry. From writing  for over 40 Hip-hop blogs, handling PR & marketing for labels, being a freelance A&R, head of programming for both Hot 97′ & Rap Fest” and CEO and Founder of Pressplay Agency–a platform dedicated to bridging gaps in the industry while providing numerous resources and support. This won’t be the first or last time you see Ms.Rivera’s name or face, whether she’s giving you musical input or challenging your opinion.

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