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The Perfect Gift Guide to Say Goodbye to 2022, and Hello to 2023!

The Perfect Gift Guide to Say Goodbye to 2022, and Hello to 2023!

Happy Holidays! Whether your end-of-year energy is zen and at peace, or stressed and ready for the year to be over, we are SO proud of you. We hope you’re ending 2022 with gratitude in your heart, and with the people that you love (even if that person is you). If you’re scrambling for a last minute Christmas gift, celebrating Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, we’ve got you covered! 

Between the tripledemic and recession, 2022 has been a particularly stressful holiday season. Plus, it can be easy to get caught up in the barrage of ongoing ads, so we wanted to give you a few intentional items within a reasonable budget. Whether it’s a self-care gift for you, or you’re looking to make someone smile – it is most certainly the season of giving.

And more people should feel able to gift something for their loved ones without feeling like they’re compromising on quality or taste. Here’s a list of gifts that are durable and thoughtful, but won’t break the bank. Many of the businesses included are BIPOC-owned, Women-owned, or sustainable. So whether you get one item, or mix and match – it’s a win for us all!

If your budget is tight this year or you’re looking for free gifts, add your ideas in the comments section. A handwritten note or homemade gift is as good as anything else, and can go a long way. Enjoy, and be sure to share with someone who you know needs a few new gift ideas!


For the Home:

Hilma af Klint – The Ten Largest, Childhood, No. 2 Poster

DESENIO Hilma Klint Poster$15


POKETO Pocket Spectrum Wall Planner$48


BAMBOOZLE Bamboo 7-Piece Nested Mixing Bowl Set$70


HUE-GAH Electroplated Ceramic Vase$95


HUE-GAH Mushroom Table Lamp$98


HUE-GAH Aspen Tea Set$98


BUFFY Puffer Blanket$80


For the Body:

AMI COLE Lip Treatment Oil

AMI COLE Limited


Edition Lip Treatment Oil Trio$20


DRIES VAN NOTEN Eau de Parfum Set$40


YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Triple Mask Set$50


BREAD Wash-Day Essentials Kit for Curly & Textured Hair$58


SACHEU Silky Sleep Set$68


SOFT SERVICES Skin Essentials Set$88


CALPAK Clear Cosmetics Case – $95


For Fun:


LE SPECS Outta Love Sunglasses$59




DICKIES Women’s Red Chute Fleece Jacket$90

See Also


SUPERDRY Faux Leather Basketball Shoe$90


RAINS Mini Backback$95


SOKO Twisted Dash Ring$98


Lululemon Women’s Ribbed Merino Wool-Blend Knit Cozy Set$98


For the Soul:


PASTA Marker Set$45


OSTRICHPILLOW Heated Neck Wrap$45


Sculpd Pottery Kit$65


ORDINARY HABIT Puzzle Bundle by Priscilla Weidlein$85


RAINS Mini Backback$95


APPLE HomePod mini$99.99

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