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Is Closure a Hoax?

Is Closure a Hoax?

Everyone loves a good cliffhanger, right?

In some cases, cliffhangers leave us eager for more. While on other occasions, they leave us with a sense of relief, even contentment with an undefined ending.

Like our favorite shows or books, the episodes in our lives can end on an unclear note. However, through the uncertainty, it is always essential that we receive some sort of conciliation and move forward. 

According to Good Therapy, a general definition for the word closure is, “… any interaction, information, or practice that allows a person to feel that a traumatic, upsetting or confusing life event has been resolved”.

Let’s bear in mind that what is considered a conclusion varies from person to person. Closure can come in different forms like an apology, legislative justice, or any action that provides one with the tools genuinely forgive and move on. Is closure important? Absolutely. After a life-altering event, it is vital to end the chapter. Does receiving closure always have to be on the terms of an external force/person? No. 

There are some instances where it is essential to collaborate with another party. Outside forces like therapy, counseling, or even conversation from another person who experienced this event can guide us. However when that’s not available, your healing is still your responsibility. Here are 4 tips we can use to reconcile with just ourselves.

Take Responsibility for YOURSELF

In the event of a broken friendship, relationship, or loss opportunity, be honest and raw about your contribution to the dismantling. Don’t necessarily blame yourself for everything and take all the guilt, instead, highlight and understand the things that were. Think of ways to improve those qualities that you no longer favor and may have contributed to the outcome.

Implement a new schedule

If this matter changed your life, it’s an excellent idea to start a new one. Producing a new schedule for ourselves can assist us in altering what we we’re used to. This method can bring us light and excitement. Doing this will also put us back in control and make us feel comfortable with life all over again. 

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Allow Yourself to Feel 

Please do not skip this step. Take however long you need to mourn the loss. Grief is perspective, so do not compare how you feel to others. As humans, we have a heart, and just like every other organ in our body, this one can hurt too. Allow yourself to experience this thoroughly and don’t deny it. 

Gratitude Journaling


Gratitude Journaling brings positivity into our lives seamlessly. Pay attention to the present things in life. Consider what you are happy to have. It can be small things like air, or even being able to eat that day. Applying this method every day allows us to take a look at the bright side.

Since healing is different for everyone, it is okay to seek professional help. Medical professionals are there to support us, and reaching out to them does not diminish the effort. On the contrary,  inviting medical health is commendable because it is a reminder that you are ready to heal. 

It is viable to have a conclusion about the unknowns in life. There comes a time where we have to accept that time waits for no one, and life moves on. We can move on too. Nothing lasts forever, not even pain. Finding closure within yourself can allow us to learn more about ourselves, reclaim our power, and find new ways to love ourselves. Continue growing and glowing into your best selves. Happy Healing!

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