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How A Self Taught Graphic Designer Started Her Own Design Business

How A Self Taught Graphic Designer Started Her Own Design Business

One of the first steps to building a great brand is design. What will the colors be? How will the logo look? What font should you use? And those are just a few questions that come to mind. For many small business owners these alone are ideas that may make you want to run for the hills, however one woman decided that graphic design didn’t have to be as scary as once perceived.

29 year old Fatima Banister created Freely Fatima Designs in June of 2016, tackling the tricky art that is graphic design almost by accident. As a New York based social worker, Banister had no prior experience in the filed when she was asked to create a graphic for a church workshop. After receiving such high praises for her work, she was heavily encouraged to start her own brand.

“I felt this urgency to [start a business], and I did! I had no idea what I was doing, but I just stepped out on faith. I did not know where it would take me, but I am so blessed and honored to have developed this gift”

Since her brave decision to give her talent to the world, Fatima has made it her mission to provide customers with top of the line invitation and event stationary. With the slogan “Celebrating Life’s Special Moments” she aims to ease the stress her clients face by ensuring they can focus on having a memorable experience.

As a growing entrepreneur Fatima has learned quite the share of lessons in running your own business, beginning with establishing your price worth as a creator early on.

Too often I have been in situations where I’ve been asked to lower my prices. If I am not in your budget then there are other customers who can afford me. It’s not mean, but it’s a reality. Lowering standards is a disservice to you.”

In the future Freely Fatima Designs hopes to expand to one day have it’s own storefront and provide brand building for other small businesses, especially those ran by women of color. Until then, you can enjoy all that is Fatima’s Designs online!

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