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Keith Clark Collection Shows Why You Need Aromatherapy

Keith Clark Collection Shows Why You Need Aromatherapy

Attention all my natural queens looking for a new addition to your closet of clean goodies! While you think you have quite the stock at home, you may in fact be missing a key element in your beauty routine…. aromatherapy. What is it you ask?

Aromatherapy is defined to be the “inhalation or bodily application (as by massage) of fragrant essential oils to enhance a feeling of well-being.” Not only can it aid with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, but it’s used to help alleviate symptoms related to depression, stress, or anxiety. Sounds amazing, right? Now, how can you get started incorporating it into your life? The Keith Clark Collection provides the perfect solution.

Created by licensed massage therapist Keith Clark, The Keith Clark Collection offers a variety of products utilising the powers of aromatherapy. Ranging from body butters, oils, lip balm, incenses, and wax melts, the company provides care for your body while simultaneously rejuvenating your mind.

Clark started the company in 2015 as an alternative to big name brands that often contain harmful chemicals.

“I started researching other ways to use products in my massage sessions that would be not only beneficial to me, but also healing and not full of scents that would irritate the skin or set off allergies.”

After having success with natural scents on his clients, Clark then identified key essential oils and combined them to create products that were effective, safe, but also beneficial in more ways than one. Oh, and did I forget to say affordable?

As KCC continues to grow, Clark handles the continuous stresses of entrepreneurship by remaining grounded in his faith. As many new business owners struggle with garnering a loyal consumer base, he stays faithful to his  purpose and mission of his brand before anything else.

“I did not go into business for my friends and family. It’s not their obligation to support the vision that God placed in me. I do not spend time trying to prove to anyone that I can make it work or disprove their doubts. I compete with no one but myself.”

With expansion and exciting announcements on the horizon, it’s safe to say he’s is on the right track. So go ahead and bring some aromatherapy into your life and keep up with the Keith Clark Collection!

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