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Press-Ons Vs. Acrylic: Which Is Best For You ?

Press-Ons Vs. Acrylic: Which Is Best For You ?

The pandemic has had alot of us trying new things or looking for alternatives. Especially in the nail department, non-nail wearers began to inquire about joining the acrylic community while the acrylic community is starting to give press ons a second look. Whomever you are, choosing between the two can cause an unneeded headache and really depends on what you’re going for at the time. No worries you know GROWN always got you! We’re here to help you choose which option might be the best for you!


Whenever someone hears the word press-ons either the barbie play nails come to mind, or the terrible square shaped stick ons that anyone could tell from a mile away with any sudden movements a pinky or two is bound to fall off. Luckily press-ons have evolved since that deep dark time and they might just be for you.

First things first they’re reasonably priced for anyone who loves to save and look cute while doing it. The take off is super easy for the indecisive who are over a design, color or shape within the first week. The easy removal also equates to less damage to your nail bed, depending on the type of press-ons you purchase and you’ll also experience minimal paint chipping.

Did I say they’re reusable ? You can pop them off and pop ’em right back on for that special occasion. Being that you are installing them yourself you may want to pay close attention to how you install because that does play a part in the durability. We are no longer limited to the glitter, the french tip, solid color or shape. They’re so many press-on options that actually replicate acrylics very well and are all beginner friendly! 

If press-ons are winning you over try out these three affordable black owned brands! Varying in shapes, sizes, colors and designs. With a very identical look to the average gel or acrylic set.


Nail Candy Press-Ons


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Léluxx Beauty


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Ethereally Touched Nails



Acrylics have always been it. FOR THE CULTURE. They’re super versatile allowing your set to be super unique and more personalized. You get to choose every single detail, gems, colors are limitless as well as length and shape. They last way longer than press-ons and are that go to protective style for nails. 

Despite  protecting your nails from the daily trials and tribulations your nails take on a daily, they can also be a pain. Don’t get us wrong the durability is unmatched but at times that can also pose a problem. Being that the acrylic is glued on pretty securely to your natural nail any wrong tug or hit can result in some pretty painful damages. These thangs are also a little bit harder to remove if you do not do it patiently and properly this could also result in damaging your nail beds. Definitely more costly than press-ons since the upkeep is way different–many people get fill-ins every two to three weeks.

Patience is a word you should get used to when dealing with acrylics..  applications can usually take about 45 minutes but many techs can complete them in a shorter amount of time. Being that you can customize your acrylics to whatever shape and size you want we’d say that they are as beginner friendly as press-ons but definitely something to get used to. Sold on the Acrylic sets? Below are three nail techs that will get you right!







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Let us know which ones you prefer! Like anything they both have pros and cons, whichever you do feel is best for you..  know that you’ll be serving regardless. 

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