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5 Summer YouTube Workouts You Can Do In Your Room!

5 Summer YouTube Workouts You Can Do In Your Room!

I hear you. It’s way too hot to even breathe outside, let alone get a good summer workout in. Those hot, muggy days have us wishing for cool weather all over again.

But don’t let the heat stop you from getting a good workout in. YouTube makes it easy for you to get a summer workout without getting beat down by the hot, unforgiving sun. Whether you are traveling or just want to workout from the comfort of your very own, air-conditioned, home, YouTube has you covered with these fun, quick, and effective workout videos.

Pound Workout

Got some drumsticks handy? This summer workout will get your heart pounding. While the moves look simple in the video, I can promise that your muscles will cry a different story the next day.

7 Minute Abs

While most people want to get great abs during swimsuit season, some of us just want a little more ab strength to just be able to sit up after laying flat *guilty*. The awesome thing about this video is that this ab workout only takes 7 minutes. No excuses not to get this workout in!

Pole Dancing Workout

While this workout may not be the best to travel with, this is sure to heat up those summer workouts at home. The great thing about this video is that it breaks down the technique for beginners so that it prevents injury (and also preventing embarrassing falls). After going through the tips outlined in this video, go through YouTube and search for more Pole Workout videos. There are also conditioning pole dancing exercises that don’t require the use of a pole, just in case you don’t want to explain to your visitors why you have a pole in the middle of your living room.


No summer workout is complete without a good Zumba session. 15 minutes is all it takes for you to burn 200 calories in this low impact, core workout. Once you’ve watched the video a few times, just blast the audio from your phone and have a dance concert all on your own!

Bedtime Yoga

From the time we wake up in the morning, we are on the go. Between work, school, kids, dinner, socializing and extracurricular activities, you may feel spent at the end of the day.

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Need a low impact exercise that is designed to help you relax before bed? Give bedtime yoga a go. It’s not gonna make you break a sweat, but it will lead to a good nights sleep, which also aids in weight loss.

Have you tried any of these workouts? Got some YouTube workout faves that I didn’t mention here? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think! And don’t forget to stay cool during those summer workouts.

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