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How to Celebrate Independence Day When You’re Feeling Less Than Patriotic

How to Celebrate Independence Day When You’re Feeling Less Than Patriotic

It’s a tough subject that definitely comes to a head when Independence Day is around the corner. With the abundance of murders of unarmed black people to the harsh reactions against taking a knee at the national anthem, Independence Day can make some of us feel like an outsider. That’s not to say that you don’t love your country. It’s to say that a day that celebrates freedom is harder when you yourself are bound in shackles.

Throughout history, there has been evidence to the mistreatment of Black People in America, but as of late, you can’t turn on your TV or go to social media without hearing of a murder or an abrupt and unjust call to the police. Constantly seeing that can really bring you down and give mixed feelings about how to go about 4th of July celebrations.

So I’ve decided to list a few alternative ideas:

Celebrate Your Freedom: Juneteenth


Texas Juneteenth Day Celebration, 1900 (Austin History Center, Austin Public Library)

June 19th marks the emancipation of the last remaining slaves. The day, known as Juneteenth, is often marked with joyful celebrations all over the country. You could attend one of these celebrations in June, or even have your own Independence Day party with a belated celebration of Juneteenth. Look at these Juneteenth Celebration ideas on how to work this into your Independence Day get-togethers.

Celebrate Your Petty: Have a Cookout Where the Lady Called the Cops


Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard about the news story where a woman called the cops for *sarcasm* people doing the unspeakable. That crime was barbequing. No one was arrested, thankfully. But this started an influx of petty at the Oakland, CA Lake Merritt, including a BBQing While Black event. I say if you’re in the Oakland area, head to Lake Merritt and have a good old time. Because it’s a free country, isn’t it?

Celebrate Your Advocacy: Reflect on How We Can Do Better As A Country


When you aren’t in the mood to celebrate or even come up with something petty, it can be rough. Again, with the influx of the unfortunate events aimed at Black People, you may just feel discouraged in general. In fact, what you may need is to not celebrate, what you may need is action.

So maybe take this day to reflect on how America can be better, especially towards people of color. A quick search on google can tell you the many advocacy programs in your area. Feel like there’s not much you can do as just one person? Hook up with a group of people. Because alone we can only accomplish so much, but together, we can change the world.

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