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Wondering How to Style Your Natural Hair For A Festival?

Wondering How to Style Your Natural Hair For A Festival?

With Essence Fest and Afropunk quickly approaching a lot of us are stumped on how we should style our curls. How can we make these kinks of ours pop and show out for festival season? Here are some bomb ideas for naturals of all types, patterns, and lengths!

Ancestors Wildest Dreams!


Black Hair Information

What better way to stunt than the same way those before us did? Fulani Braids are not only festival staples but are also derived from deep cultural roots. Serving a look and honoring a style that has forever brought forth our beauty, will send your summer festival experience to another level of lit! Try experimenting with different braiding patterns and bead colors. Short or knee-length, Fulani braids are sure to have everyone asking who did your hair!

Spaced Out


My Natural Sistas

Space buns can give your look a futuristic vibe. Maybe you want to experiment with cool looks, but want to keep it simple as your outfit may be the main attraction. Or maybe you want to keep all those curls out of your face at these hot and active festivals. Either way, space buns give you more than enough room to dress it up or down. Adding loc jewels and braid accents can give this simple hairstyle a trendy twist. Be sure to bring along your go-to edge control and bobby pins as events such as Summer festivals can sweat out any hold you think these buns may have initially. The great thing about this style is that even if you forget those things, the frizzier and messier it gets, the more spaced out it is- which is perfect for festivals!

For Colored Girls


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A little pink here, a splash of blue there…maybe some purple in the back can funk out any look you’re thinking of. Bright neon colors scream festival season! Color can be scary, yes, but you don’t have to commit to these hues. Many haircare and color brands make a spray on or chalk dye for all hair types. You can have that sickening green and blue mermaid fro you’ve always daydreamed of just in time for Afropunk! Once you return back to the hotel you can rinse it right out and apply a whole new set of colors for the next day! Your festival weekend can be packed with a different look every day thanks to this simple and safe hack. Adding glitter to this trend can sparkle up the style too. Glitter edge control can help your colored curls pop and glisten under the festival lights.

Be sure to try to out some of these styles or even combine all three for a colorful space bun look with Fulani braids accenting the look! You can never do too much for a Summer Festival, this IS the time to pop off and serve us hunny! We’ll be looking forward to seeing all those kinks and fros slay every festival this summer!


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