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What You Really Need to Know About This Mercury Retrograde: A Conjure Perspective

What You Really Need to Know About This Mercury Retrograde: A Conjure Perspective

“Mercury is in microbraids yall.” I know. So let’s all take a collective deep breath. February 16th, Mercury swiftly began it’s retrograde cycle, and will remain there in the watery sign of Pisces, until it ends March 9th.

As the ruling planet of communication, and perception, Mercury brings us an opportunity for internal sight, deep perception, and a chance for some well needed rest this retrograde season. Pisces is a feelings sign, the sign of psychic sight, intuition, and the knowledge of our ancestors, things only found in the primordial waters.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces talks about death, and reincarnation, and most importantly, the incubation process that comes before birth in the spring. We are conceived in water, held there for 9 months, before being thrust into the world.

Currently, we’re being given the opportunity to reflect, and our spiritual senses are generally more reliable now more than ever. Trust your gut, use that right brain, intuitive and creative understanding. Give yourself time to rest. Journal, and pay close attention to your dreams. Refresh your altar spaces and spend time there meditating and praying. Utilize this spiritual energy to bring your ancestors closer to you.

As a Conjurer, I always recommend an ancestral elevation for this process. The instructions are as follows:

Ancestral Elevation:

(To be done whenever ancestral support is needed, clearer guidance and presence is requested, or when you want to show your dead folks a little love)

Tools Needed:

A Glass of Fresh Water (tap is fine, but change daily)

A White 7 day candle (cleansed before use: use salt water to wipe down the candle and surface)

Time Required:

3 Days


Begin by filling your glass with water and speaking life into the glass as you fill it. Reflect on your lineage (no worries if you don’t know the exact specifications and details, or every ancestor by name)

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And place the glass of water on the ground. Set your white candle next to it and light it. Give a general prayer of elevation to your spirits, talk to them and explain that you would like to elevate them and bring them more powerfully into the present with you. Feel free to use the elevation prayer I wrote for you below, or use your own words. Each day, relight the candle, change the water and elevate the glass (use books or surfaces in your home) while praying for their presence and elevation in your life. At the end of your three day cycle, return the glass of water and candle to your altar space.

Prayer for Ancestral Elevation:

To my divine ancestors, spirits of time and place, and all of the associated divinities. I come with a clear heart and clear mind to my altar space. I am offering this cool water and light, to the spirits of my lineage, to elevate and bring them powerfully into the present. I release and grieve any trauma and suffering passed on through my bones, and honor the sacrifices made. I speak abundance over our lineage, wealth, and joy from this day forward, and ask for ancestral support and I move forward toward healing for myself, our lineage, and all that have come before me. I ask that my protections are high, my pockets are full, that I am in great health. I ask for clearer communication between my spirits and myself so that I may continue the work I came into this world to do. (Amen, Ase, Hell Yeah)

It is normal to feel deeply emotional during ancestral elevations so leave space for and journal around the emotions that come up during this process. Pay close attention to your dream spaces, and the information that arises. Take your spiritual baths, get your divinations, and mind your business. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is not the time to over extend no matter how tempting it may be.

I suggest investing in your dreams, Pisces rules our hopes, ambitions and goals and is an excellent time for creating vision boards, investing in the work of spiritual practitioners, and doing journaling and manifestation work. Just remember that we are in the womb space currently, the birth happens in the spring.

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