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7 Hairstyles For Your Hot Girl Summer

7 Hairstyles For Your Hot Girl Summer

As the days get longer and the temperatures continue to rise, there’s no doubt this summer is yours for the taking! But after months spent in the house – choosing a hairstyle may have you stressing… Nevertheless here are 7 eye-catching styles to take you from rooftops to the beach!


Fearless Fro


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There is no style as timeless as a beautiful flowing afro. Step out in the streets strutting your natural crown and beautiful style; you’re a queen and your crown is sure to showstop wherever you go. 

Prep Time: 5-15 minutes, or more (Depending on your hair type)

Comfort: This style can easily be achieved by being comfortable in your own crown! The more confident you wear it, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

Management: Spritz on a detangle and sheen spray before picking your hair each day

Length of wear: Depending on your hair type and products used, 1-2 days

Tips: For more defined curls try a twist out and simply “pick” for added volume


Braided Pony


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A sleek braided pony is the perfect versatile look for your summer style. Allow this look to take you from the office to the gym with no fuss. Head to your trusted stylist or check out a how-to on YouTube to put your skills to the test.

Prep Time: 25-40 minutes at home, or 1-2 hours at the salon

Comfort: This style is versatile and comfortable to wear

Management: Since it all braided up you only need to add some sheen to refresh it each day

Length of wear: 1-5 days

Tips: Use Eco gel to to sleek and smooth your hair


Crochet Crown


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A crochet style is a great way to keep a protective style light yet playful, no matter the occasion. This summer, crochet your crown for an easy to maintain stylish look.

Prep Time: 3-5 hours

Comfort: This is a comfortable lightweight protective style

Management: Easy to manage, just make sure your scalp stays moisturized!

Length of wear: 4-6 weeks depending on maintenance and hair used

Tips: Make sure you check with a stylist to see what crochet hair will work best for you!


Beachy Boho  


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Nothing says summer like some beachy faux locs on sunkissed skin. No matter if you’re soaking up the sun by the beach, or restaurant hopping in your favorite city, this light hearted look is sure to have you feeling yourself day and night. 

Prep Time: 3-6 hours

Comfort: Depending on the length of locs used, this style may be light or heavy

Management: Easy to manage, and great as a protective style

Length of wear: 3-6 weeks depending on maintenance 

Tips: Make sure your hair is properly moisturized to prevent breakage during wear


Bold Bob

Who doesn’t love a cute bob? They’re short enough to easily manage, yet long enough to pull into a half up half down style. This summer add a pop of color to your do to be the life of any party. 

Prep Time: 1-2 hours

Comfort: Lightweight and easy to maintain

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Management: Bi-weekly blowouts for natural or weaved bob

Length of wear: 1-2 weeks

Tips: Make sure to wrap your hair at night to extend that fresh salon look!


Headband Wig

The headband wig has recently come on the scene to save us all from committing to a style for too long. Whether you’re looking for a kinky blowout or bouncy curls, this easy to rock headband has got you covered for all styles naturally finessed. 

Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

Comfort: Very comfortable and easy to take off at any point during the day

Management: As long as you wash, comb and maintain the wig every so often this style is easy to maintain

Length of wear: As long as you want! Remove the cap each night and start over in the morning!

Tips: Cornrow your hair so the wig can lay flat


Hit Em With the Headscarf


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This is for the ladies that are always on the go. There is no need to overthink this chic and fun do, simply grab your favorite scarf and a pack of clip ins for this style to be your 5 minutes or less go to this summer. 

Prep Time: 5-15 minutes

Comfort: Somewhat comfortable, but could get sweaty on humid days

Management: 10/10 super easy to manage

Length of wear: 1 day, the scarf should be removed at night, feel free to switch it up!

Tips: Get a few different options from your local hair supply store


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