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How to Stay Fit While Getting Lit

How to Stay Fit While Getting Lit

I know I’m supposed to preface this article by telling you that if you are trying to lose weight you need to avoid drinking alcohol at all costs. But as many of us have realized, it’s hard to commit to a program where you have to omit things from your diet. Omitting things and strict dietary regimens just aren’t for everyone. Some of us, like myself, tend to train realistically, which means I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle (which has a flexible approach) and still make time to let my hair down from time to time.

One of the reasons I can do this, is by avoiding sugary drinks (partially because they make my stomach hurt) and researching on what types of alcohols are the least damaging. While consuming alcohol frequently isn’t the best choice if you want to lead a truly healthy lifestyle, it’s okay to have that drink every once in a while. So, here are a few liquor brands that will help you stay fit while you get lit!

Bailey’s “Almande” Almond Milk Liquer

Not only is this drank dairy-free but it’s also gluten-free and vegan as well. Check your shelves now for this vanilla-nutty spirit!

X Rated Fusion Liqeur

This pink bottle has fruity written all over it. A fusion of mango, passion fruit, orange and premium vodka.


Devotion Vodka

Is perfect for those looking for a sugar-free fix. Oh yea its also organic 😉


SkinnyGirl Vodka

Low Calorie Alcoholic drinks part of Bethenny Frankels food and drink empire. Enjoy a drink of your choice without the extra calories all while supporting  a female owned business!

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Voli Vodka

Available in multiple flavors, low-calorie and also contains electrolytes – if you are planning on hitting a post gym happy hour.

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