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How To Slay Scorpion Szn!

How To Slay Scorpion Szn!

Ahhhh, its official the scariest time of the year.

I’m not referring to Halloween, or Dia de los Muertos btw. Scorpio season has officially landed my friends.

While the sun is in Scorpio, it will harness its energy from the extremely hot and powerful planet Mars, and the cold, dark, distant “planet” Pluto. This energy will be aggressive, fiery, intense, passionate, dangerous, and downright spooky (boo!).

On top of all of this, Mercury, the planet of messages and communication, will be in retrograde (!!!!!) for the majority of this Scorpio Season, starting Halloween and ending November 20th.

So, are you scared? Same. Paranormal activity will be in the air from Halloween, fire and aggression will be in the air from Mars, darkness will be in the air from Pluto, all while Mercury is like

But then I reminded myself of what scorpio season is all about. Scorpio season is a time for rebirth and transformation. It’s a time to really look at yourself in the mirror and really connect 100% with the person looking back at you. A time to tap into your intuition and became more in tune with the universe around you. A time to remember who the f*ck you are.

So, you ready? Here are a few quick tips on how to SLAY this upcoming scorpio season:

Stay Sane, yet Sassy

By living in your truth. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday world, with school, work, and upcoming holiday plans on your mind. But let’s speak facts: Due to the aforementioned planetary alignments, this scorpio season is bound to be intense sis. The overall mood of the days will shift and everything around you will start to embrace a darker undertone. Period. One thing that’ll greatly benefit you during this season is to check in and get real with yourself and with others. Mercury is the planet of communication. While in retrograde, you must be as clear as possible when it comes to communicating with others, and with the things you tell yourself. Remember the power of the tongue. Ask yourself: Are there any boundaries you want to create in your life? Are you really taking care of yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically? Have you let unnecessary drama go? This is your chance to get crystal clear on exactly what you need to do to align with your truth.

Do you have a scorpio friend who seems to just know everything? Is she your friend that you usually go to for advice or any sort of life problem? Scorpio women are endearingly called “the witches of the zodiac” because of their really high intuition. They just know things; they’re very magical in that sense and extremely in tune with the universe. I often joke to my friends and say that I feel energy more than the average human does and it’s true, I do. Words and actions mean nothing to me, energy tells me all I need to know from you. Take a lesson from your scorpio sister and tap into your own intuition. Start listening to your gut more. During scorpio season, you’ll have a stronger sense of what you need to do to move your life forward.

The intuition of a scorpio allows them to discover unknown truths about themselves and the people around them. Use this time to do the same for yourself. Really go Nancy Drew on your ass. Ask yourself:

-Whats going well in my life right now?

-Where do I need to pay more attention?

-Am I acting in alignment with my highest truth?

Scropios get a bad rap for being stubborn, super passionate, sensitive, and intense. But this is because we live in our truth. This season will give you a tiny glimpse into the energy a scorpio carries with them everyday of their life. Notice how these energies affect you, and live in it as truthfully as possible. Don’t apologize for being the person that you are. Live in a way that’s not only satisfying, but on purpose.

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Stay Sexy

We all can agree that Scorpios are one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac. But the misconception most people have is that sexiness is soloey physically, when in fact, sexiness is synonymous with confidence. This is why Scorpio women are so sexy; their inner confidence is crazy high, and they have the most alluring eyes to match their magnetic energy, which makes them even more attractive. Sexiness is not something you can put on your body. It’s a feeling of assurance that you feel inside of you when you love yourself and others. When you have a negative vibe, you can’t perceive yourself as sexy, and neither will anyone else. When dressing yourself this season, see it as a form of self care that’ll raise your vibrations when you’re finished. Reach for things that show your silhouette, experiment with different textures, and research color theory ( specifically with adding more red and black to your wardrobe) Notice that when we’re feeling our best in the summer, we have the freshest fits, but once the fall hits, and we’re boggled down with school, responsibilities, cold weather, and Scorpio season feels, we’re quick to grab the unflattering leggings and baggy sweats. This change in fashion sense has nothing to do with what we want to look like, but all about how we feel on the inside. When you feel your best, you look your best. This Scorpio season, while the powers of the universe try to keep you down, take some time while in front of the mirror in the morning to repeat a positive affirmation to yourself that will have you feeling like the bad b*tch that you are.

Scorpio Season – a season for change and dramatic breakthroughs in all areas of your life. Beginning today and for the next few weeks, you may feel yourself becoming more moody and introverted than usual. Use these feelings to tap into the full scope of your human existence.

Maintain your sanity, sexiness, and sas. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow scorpio sis this season for more survival tips ✨


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