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Summer Go-To Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Summer Go-To Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Every summer we see a huge spark of Black Girl Magic explode with glowy skin, bright colors, and of course, textured styles! Embracing every kink and coil during the summer is yet another iconic trend we all look forward to annually. Now there are thousands of trend-setting styles to choose from, but here is a guide on simple and sleek do’s that you can slay this season. Here are natural hair looks to slay this summer!

Stress-Free Styles


Let them curls down sis! Fros and Wash N’ Go’s will help you keep the tension on your edges and hair to a minimum while still allowing you to serve a whole look. Pick it out and go free, with simply applying your favorite products in the shower, detangling, and drying your hair (with the summer here, air drying is a breeze!) You can go for a more defined style or avoid frizz by capitalizing on it with the grand volume of an Angela Davis fro. Your hair is literally your crown so rock it with the pride of a Queen.

Poppin’ Colors


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A pop of color never disappoints, experimenting with pinks and blues or greens can give your kinks a whole new look. Cotton candy colors on textured hair are a match made in heaven. Sure, it is risky to dye your hair these bright and daring colors, but there are hundreds of ways to naturally experiment with a dose of colors. Spray on dye is all the fun and none of the commitment, you can walk out with purple curls and go to bed with your natural color. Semi-permanent dyes are the ally to those who would love a seasonal pop of color. Before the summer closes the dye would have safely washed and faded from your crown. Obviously, with this style, you’re going to have to spend more time deep conditioning and moisturizing your hair this summer, but it’s so worth it!



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A bobby pin here or maybe a another there, exposed bobby pins are a trend that lets us keep it cute and that up-do UP. Adding a gold thread or wiring to your box braids can give a classic look and modern twist. Beads are making a comeback like no other, and you can accent a Mohawk or twist out with them in any and all colors. Accessorizing your hair can help you slay on a budget and keep most styles put. No matter what you plan on doing with your do this summer, accessorizing is a MUST.

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Braids and up-do’s will always be there for you even when your summer body isn’t. From feed-in to box braids, tis’ the season to take back every appropriated style from Becky who dared called Fulani braids ‘Bo Derek Braids’. For centuries, we’ve served goddess-like looks with these iconic styles and we will do so this summer. So hit up your stylist or favorite cousin who kills any protective style and stunt!



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