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Lil Mama’s ‘Shoe Game’ Premieres in NYC

Lil Mama’s ‘Shoe Game’ Premieres in NYC

Lil Mama recently hosted an exclusive video premiere party for her new single “Shoe Game” and GROW/N (Formerly Sheunplugged) was in in the building to capture the entire event! The vibe was amazing, the crowd was live, and most importantly… Lil Mama was a sight to see!  Donned in all white and looking as angelic as ever, she came ready to restake her claim as a talented hip hop artist while embracing a new attitude and drive.

The new video featured Lil Mama in fun bright colors, hitting dance moves that adorned “Shoe Game” a slay song for the summer. With the upbeat tempo, the everlasting New York flavor on the track, and the boss girl attitude she brings on each verse, this song is perfect for any girl power playlist.

Given the expanse of her career Lil Mama has managed to continue to reinvent herself and her brand, always keeping her authenticity as a woman forward. Despite setbacks life has thrown her way she’s has always rose resilient in the face of challenge, placing her passion for her art above doubt. So for all the ladies that pack a mean shoe game, and the confidence to match, this song is for you!

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