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How To Take Care of Your Edges

How To Take Care of Your Edges

With summer on its way, we’re all gearing up for a season of protective styles! From braids, faux locs, to slayed frontals, summer is sure to be filled with black hair magic. As we twist and braid down our curls for these styles, we have to be mindful of how we take care and maintain the edges we have left after Beychella. It is important to preserve the health and thickness of not only our crown but the perimeter of our fros. Giving your edges a little extra TLC during a protective style is key to flourishing hair even when in wraps.

Oils, Oils, and More Oils

The edges of our hair are the most fragile strands on our entire head. They tend to go under the most manipulation given they are the accent to even the most simplistic styles. They are also one of the most ignored areas when oiling one’s scalp as we often tend to focus on the center of the crown. Our edges need love too! Massaging your edges with your favorite oil can not only strengthen the hair strand but the actual hair follicle as well.

Stimulating hair growth and promoting durability during a protective style is achieved by just applying a small amount of oil to your fingertips and massaging gently every night. Many hair experts recommend doing this after a hot shower as the follicles are nice and open from the steam. Jamaican Black Castor, Argon, and Olive oil are go-to oils for most naturals when it comes to this method as they act not only as food to the edges but gives the hair a gentle hold before edge control.

Our Tools Shape Us

Be very mindful of the tools you use to lay thy edges. Whether that be a wave brush, toothbrush, or a rat-tail comb. Tools can be the factor that makes or breaks your edges. As a black girl growing up your Mother often used toothbrushes to swoop those baby hairs in every which way, but rarely did either of you pay attention to the hardness of the bristles, same goes for the brushes we used.

Soft bristle brushes are largely recommended for those who suffer from thinning or weak edges, harsh bristles can cause hair to break and tear with every sweep. One should experiment with what brushes and combs work best for their own hair, while always keeping healthy edges in mind.

Go Easy on The Edge Control

I know, I know, how dare someone even utter those words, but often we find ourselves overindulging in product usage. Edge control becomes a natural’s best friend before any other product, as we use it from big chop to flowing fro. We tend to go heavy with every step of our hair growth journey thinking the more we use the longer the hold. In reality, an actual good edge control can hold us down with a safe amount of product. Plus, applying more and more layers every day can cause serious build-up and breakage. Try seeing how little edge control can hold you down throughout the day and build from there. Aloe or Agave Leaf extract can provide not only a stronghold but can promote hair growth and doesn’t want that?

Protective Styles Do’s and Don’ts

Now braids and crochet styles are go-to trends for Summer, but as you all know, braiding and twisting can put unnecessary strain on our edges. Gripping too tight can literally snatch your edges from your scalp! When installing these looks, be sure to let your stylist know that you would like your protective style to actually be protective, not damaging. If she or he still goes too hard on your fragile areas, then speak up or politely ask for someone else to style you. When it comes to your edges, you can never be too safe.

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So, while the summer rolls around, make sure you and your edges are living your best life. With this guide, you’re sure to have thriving edges and a popping hair. Remember with every baby hair, black girl magic is multiplying with every swoop!



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