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DIY Hair Products Straight From Your Kitchen!

DIY Hair Products Straight From Your Kitchen!

The best things you can put in your hair are often times things we can find right in our kitchens. From oils, fruits, to even plants we have around the house can nourish and revitalized our curls. Here are a few items everyone should have in their kitchen that they can also use on their hair:

Aloe Vera

Aloe, the miracle plant, can be easily found around or in your home. From a gel to a moisturizer, to even an edge control for finer hair textures. Aloe can heal split-ends, promote major hair growth, and repair dry or damaged hair. This amazing plant can be used straight from the plant or be blended into a gel, sealing moisture while also remedying dry and itchy scalp. Check around your home to see if you can find some growing, as it is known to flourish in the most random places in your yard.


Yes, I said yogurt. A great source of protein and moisture, yogurt can provide your hair with days of definition and with consistent use, years of health. You can even eat spoonful while applying it to your curls. Deep conditioning just became more affordable and tastier.


I am sure, you all knew this DIY. Besides Crisco, most oils can be used in your hair. Olive, coconut, almond, peppermint, tea tree, avocado and so much more can be used to seal the moisture and treat the scalp. You can even mix up your own essential oil mix for a hot oil treatment.


Gross on your taste buds, but nurturing on your hair. Another way to deep condition and repair dry or damaged hair. This DIY may not smell the best, but will most definitely give one the best deep conditions you’ve had in years.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Instead of swallowing a cap every morning, how about we just rinse our scalp with it? It can cleanse the dirtiest and crustiest scalp around. Leaving your curls clean without stripping them, Apple cider vinegar can also define your hair before any cream hits it. It is even better when mixed with Indian Healing Clay, acting as a cleanser while you nourish your kinks with the clay.

Green Tea

Green tea can also cleanse the hair while revitalizing its natural luster and shine. Adding a green tea bag to a cup of water and some apple cider vinegar can rinse your hair of any impurities and combat dandruff!


Messy, but oh so worth it! Eggs can be the best and most beneficial protein treatment you could find in your fridge. They seal moisture and soften the hair. They’re even known for their elongating abilities for all the naturals who may suffer from severe shrinkage.

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