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Why I Love Beauty Bakerie and You Should Too!

Why I Love Beauty Bakerie and You Should Too!

Finding a good lipstick is hard, but finding one for black women is even harder. That’s where Beauty Bakerie comes in.

Trust me on this, I wouldn’t preach this gospel if I didn’t feel it in my soul. Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip line is everything and I’m obsessed.

Have you ever put on lipstick and its gone as soon as you take a sip of water? Ever put on your lipstick and it leaves your lips feeling dryer than the Sahara Desert? Ever get bombarded with promises of long-lasting lip wear only to find yourself ready to square up with the person who sold it to you in the first place?

You will NOT run into that with Beauty Bakerie.

Are you need some convincing? Well, try this on for size. Here are some reasons why I say you’ve got to at least try their Lip Whip out for yourself

Beauty Bakerie is Black Owned

Cashmere Nicole is the CEO and founder of Beauty Bakerie. As a young, black woman who is also a single mother, her dreams knew no limits. She inspires others to never feel as if you can’t dream big, saying,

“In my opinion, I was the opposite of what success looked like. I was a single, 16-year-old mother on welfare. My rent was late every month and we waited in lines for donated coats…Life is sure to hand us lemons, but I strongly believe that it is up to us to change our perspective on how we deal with adversity.”

Cashmere is Also A Breast Cancer Survivor

As someone who is chronically ill myself, I appreciate people who struggle and still pursue their dreams. Supporting someone like Cashmere means supporting someone who isn’t just here for your money, she’s someone just like us.

I’ve slept in it and it still didn’t come off

This is no pyramid scheme. I am proof positive that when my lazy ass decided to go to sleep without taking it off, I still woke up with ruby red lips.

They Have Every Color You Can Dream Of

Tired of different variations of red or brown? Beauty Bakerie has it all. Your light blues, your dark blacks. Basically every color they say black girls can’t wear, Beauty Bakerie said eff that and made 6 more shades with shimmer.

Oh, and by the way, Beyonce loves it

Listen if you can’t trust makeup advice from anybody, trust Beyonce. Think about it, have you ever seen her in smeared lipstick? She also featured an interview with Cashmere Nicole on her site, giving Beauty Bakerie her ultimate blessing.

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