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How a Spiritual Journey Inspired Zakia Torres’s ‘Quartz & Rainbows’

How a Spiritual Journey Inspired Zakia Torres’s ‘Quartz & Rainbows’

Zakia Torres is inspiring women everywhere to walk in their truth, trust their intuition, and manifest a ravishing rainbow after every treacherous storm. A very tough separation that lead to a divorce and being left with nothing became the seed of her pride and joy, Quartz and Rainbows. Like an angelic phoenix, she rose from ashes meant to destroy her and created a spiritual lifestyle brand to help others do the same.

A determined mother to four beautiful children juggling entrepreneurship, motherhood, and navigating the obstacles of life, Zakia is someone we can all see ourselves in. Her candid honesty and transparent journey have attracted a faithful tribe of Spiritual Gangsters who use her collection of motivational planners, journals, sage, incense, and manifestation techniques to elevate their mindsets; ultimately changing their lives.

Currently, in her fourth year with Quartz and Rainbows, she’s embarking on a voyage to amplify her voice and let the masses know that no matter how dark the days, or how low the valleys, grab some Quartz, believe in the future, do the work, and a rainbow will surely come.

What made you create Quartz & Rainbows?

I started my spiritual journey that lead me to this business back in 2018 because honestly I had no choice. Something had to change in my life and I needed to make some money! I started my instagram page and I began to share my story. Once I had a small community I released my 1st t-shirt that really helped grow my brand. I was inspired by all of the other Black women online that I follow who I watched turn nothing into something.

What is your personal philosophy or motto that keeps you motivated and why?

The rainbow comes after the storm.” I constantly remind myself that I always make it through my toughest times and I come out better! Entrepreneurship & motherhood is hard at times and it can be very lonely so anytime I feel overwhelmed I remind myself of this.

What is the biggest life lesson you’ve learned along the way?

I have learned that every decision we make comes with a consequence. That consequence may be great, it may be bad but every choice we make is a reflection of where we are today.

Courtesy of Zakia Torres

What’s a challenge you’ve overcome as a brand/business owner in the past year?

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In the past year with the help of my niece we have our packages shipping much faster these days.

What advice would you give someone looking to follow in your footsteps?

I would tell them to never quit, no matter how hard it gets. Usually your next level up is right behind a challenging time, keep going!

What’s next for Quartz and Rainbows?

I recently started my monthly membership called Quartz & Rainbows University. We have a monthly zoom class, vent session, book club, vendors & more!

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