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Rapper Connie Diiamond is Bringing Bronx Vibes & Big Taurus Energy

Rapper Connie Diiamond is Bringing Bronx Vibes & Big Taurus Energy

So for all the people who don’t know you are, what’s the first thing they should know about Connie Diiamond?

The first thing I want them to know is that I’m a cute, fun, bubly, aggressive artist from the Bronx. I’m giving them different vibes


Tell us about your latest project “Trap Elliot 2.0”

2.0 is basically more of new stuff I was working on and ‘Trap Elliot 2’ is just some songs that I already had previously recorded but never had a chance to put out. So the process for that was pretty easy because 2 was already developed and I knew what I was going to do with it. But 2.0 was some of my new stuff I’ve been working on. I tapped into the drill sound, I tapped into doing something raunchy, something with ‘Grape Soda’, ‘Cowabunga’ is my signature sound and then I gave them my regular rap feel with ‘Narcos.’


What is your process of writing a song?

What I like to do is go through beats, I don’t look for any particular sound. I find whatever sticks and just work from there. I typically write my verses first and then I come up with the hooks. So I never really know what the song is gonna be about until I’m done writing the verse.


When did you know that rapping was your thing?

It kinda started out as poetry. It’s kind of the same thing, just one has music to it with a different vibe. But it’s kinda always been my thing since I was 14.



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How did you start your quest in music?

I wanna say when I dropped Summer Sixteen I took it more serious because that’s the first thing I did that went viral. So it made me feel like I can do this so let me give into this a little more. I wasn’t expecting that video to go viral but it was good motivation for me to continue to make music


What’s your zodiac sign?  What does it mean to be “Grown”?

My birthday is May 12 and I am a Taurus! Being grown is having stability, taking care of you responsibilities and knowing what you want. It’s to be financially stable and to be on top of your shit. I’m almost there, but there’s more stuff I want to accomplish before I consider myself “grown grown”


What are the next things you want to accomplish in your career?

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I want to sustain a consistent fan base and have my income come from my streams. I wanna expand my hair and cosmetology business. I ultimately want to stay two steps ahead in the future. I love hair and I want to sustain my hair business or a wig line while I’m still creating music. 


What is your selfcare routine?

I recently got into meditating. I’m usually grumpy in the morning, so I try to meditate before I workout. Working out is also new for me. It helps clear my mind when I start my day with some good music so I can set the tone for the rest of the day. 


Any last comments that you want people to know?

I want people to know that it may seem like I am a little reserved on instagram but I’m a Taurus and I gotta protect my energy. The internet can be really wicked and I really want to just give people good vibes and good music. I want everyone to know that I’m an all around creative, it’s not only music, but I make clothes, I do hair. I want to showcase all of that through my music. I don’t wanna be compared but just give good vibes.  Check out My latest visual Mask On.



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