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Official Premiere: Demi Grace Releases Music Video For “Renegade”

Official Premiere: Demi Grace Releases Music Video For “Renegade”

After the year that was 2020, this new year calls for change. New goals, new affirmations, new streams of income, and new music that uplifts and inspires. 

Recording artist Demi Grace brings her hot afrobeats production woven with beautiful, soulful vocals to her new single, “Renegade”, a song that’s sure to make you buss a wine within the first 10 seconds of listening.


We had the chance to chat with the talented Universal Music Group singer/songwriter, and have the premiere of her new music video for “Renegade”, below. 

What was the inspiration behind this song?

I wrote “Renegade” with a dangerous lover in mind. The word ‘renegade’ is a signal for rebellion so I would call this song an ode to rebellious relationships.


When you create music, what is your personal purpose or goal?

When I create music, my goal is to express my most true feelings. Whether those are feelings towards a situation, feelings towards myself or feelings towards another person; music is my way of being totally honest


What’s one piece of advice you would give to would-be artists or songwriters wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Confidence is KING


You shot the video for “Renegade” very recently, quarantine style. Have you ever taken on a project like this before? What was that process like?

I have never taken on a quarantine style video before but I have taken on a project like this before. I basically had to come up with several ideas and whichever idea kept popping back up in my head and I could see the furthest through the steps to make it happen was what I went with. I had my close girlfriends from different parts of the world shoot this video with me. I really wanted to celebrate my body and body type in a visual simulation and this felt like the perfect opportunity


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Have you ever doubted continuing your music career during this panny? If so, what inspired you to keep pushing?

I’ve never doubted continuing my music career in terms of quitting, but this pandemic definitely put me in a position creatively where I felt like I wanted to take a break, and I didn’t know when that break would have been over (because at the time we had no idea when the pandemic would have been over, we still don’t). That’s what inspired me to keep going — I was waiting for the pandemic to be over and to jump back, and when it didn’t end, I started to feel like I was waiting on something outside of myself. I don’t like operating out of that space


Who are your biggest Influences?



What’s next for you?

More music more music more music! I created so much music when I finally got back on the horse and I can’t wait to release them all. The sky’s the limit once I put all of this music out.

Check out the video and stream the single, available on all streaming platforms. Enjoy!


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