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How To Make Your Own Dream Board

How To Make Your Own Dream Board

Well, its already mid January so, by now you have either succeeded or failed in your New Years resolutions. It’s time to get realistic and a good way to do that is by making your very on dream board! Dream boards or vision boards are a way to set a vision for yourself and help keep you focused on what you can control and aspire to do in the new year.

In order to make a dream board you will need a few materials:

  1. Semi thick sheet of construction paper, preferably larger than 8×11
  2. All the magazines you can find that aren’t needed
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue

Before you begin sifting through magazines at random you must ask yourself a few questions. What do you want to work on this year? Say for example you want patience or peace of mind in the new year. If you have a fitness magazine you could cut out a picture of a woman doing yoga or meditating to symbolize that. Next, ask yourself, is there anything you want to specifically do this year? I want to travel so, I would flip through whatever magazine I have and find pictures and words that will remind me of that goal. If you’ve always wanted to go to Paris, you could find pictures of the Eiffel Tower or French bread, to help keep that goal in your mind.

Once you think of the things you want for yourself in the new year, begin the process of skimming the magazines for things that jump out at you. Then cut it out and glue it to your board in a collage type pattern. Make sure you can still see everything on the board, but also fill it up with anything you want!

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After you finish your board, you can choose to frame it or not. The important thing to do is place it in a space where you can see it often. You will be more likely to achieve goals that you are constantly reminded of visually than ones you keep bottled up in your head with every other thought you have.

The last and final step is to make it happen! If you want to have more money, start saving! If you want patience, practice it in your daily life along with doing daily meditation! If you want to travel, start looking up flights and hotels as well as building up your travel funds. Good luck ladies and remember if you can dream it, you can achieve it!

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