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4 Ways to Increase Personal Growth

4 Ways to Increase Personal Growth

Personal growth is the enhancement of one’s mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional development on life skills. During this quarantine, it has been a roller coaster, from work, taking care of my family, and building my brand. But on the basis of talking about my personal growth, I am evolving, adapting and adjusting. Here are some ways to increase personal growth during quarantine:



Journaling is very therapeutic. I journal two different ways: traditional pen to paper or in my notes on my phone. It helps to write how you are feeling because you want to know how far you have come during this difficult time. Journaling helps me with my mental state by getting out all of my feelings that I can’t express out loud. I say it is my letter to God, and my mirrored self.



The gyms are still closed, however, doing workouts at home is just as effective. It’s hard to workout because the couch or bed is two steps away, but you want to feel good and refreshed in your skin. Now if you feel comfortable and this doesn’t apply to you, then that is your business. I just had a baby about a year ago and this baby weight is killing me! 

Here are some great workouts that I use.

Chole Ting



Joie Chavis



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Find your passion

We have time to do what we love to do. My passion is writing, so I am able to blog, write poetry, and journal everyday. My passion has been unveiled to me during this quarantine. I have had time to think and process what I want to do which is: moving on my passion. God gave me the passion and vision, now I have to act on it. It is a little hard to do that with this shelter in place order. However, I am able to pull my audience from social media. Find your niche and you will be motivated to get through this!


Read More Books

I find myself reading a lot more than I had time for before. I read poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and self-help books during this quarantine. Reading is therapeutic especially when I read books on Audible!

Happiness is a function of accepting what is”, If you feel a little unmotivated or unproductive, then find what makes you happy. Your personal growth should aim for true happiness. We are going to get through this difficult time. Accept what is going on. In the meantime, take care of yourself and be happy.

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