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5 Free Apps Every College Student Needs Right Now

5 Free Apps Every College Student Needs Right Now

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Please take a quick break from our school’s blackboard and check this out. Are you interested in some free apps that will help you conquer college? Here’s a list that will help you save and earn money. Welcome to everything you need


This app sells/rents textbooks for the low. Instead of paying the STEEP prices imposed by the bookstore, we can actually afford the supplies we need with this site. In addition to providing a solution for expensive book fees, Chegg overs tutoring services. We can ask tutors questions concerning a range of subjects. For those who are graduating soon, Chegg also provides searches for future jobs and internships. 


I LOVE Quizlet. Quizlet is a great study hack. This is perfect for those of us who are visual learners. This apps allows you to create study guides and flashcards. Quizlet is super easy to use. Did I mention this app makes studying more fun? You can quiz yourself before the big testing day. This free app is excellent for homework practice. 


UNiDAYS is a FREE app that provides student discounts for several services. They also offer chances to win gift cards and money! You sign up with your college/university email, and BOOM, you have access to a bunch of companies that give you student perks. It provides us with discount codes if we don’t want to leave our dorms and shop online. A list of participating companies are:

 1.Apple (up to $200 off)

 2. HP (up tp 60% off)

 3. B&H (up to 50% off)

 4. RayBan (25% off)

 5. H&M (20% off)

 6. UnderAmour (10% off)

 7. Rag& Bone (25%)

See Also

 8. Tarte Cosmetics (15% off)

 9. (10% off)

 10. Zipcar (student memberships)

  … to name a few. This app will save you a lot of coins. Shopping in this way is a breeze. There are no hidden fees or complications. 


This app would be a great way to start saving and making money at the same time. Robinhood offers a simple way to begin investing. This app breaks down the stock market and allows us to learn how to read economics. This FREE app allows one to explore businesses learning how money works on Wall Street. It is free to sign up, and it also promotes financial literacy. How cool would it be to have a stock in a company we love right now? This app takes the pressure and fears away from investing money at our age. It even offers a free share upon signing up. 


Wanna travel? After quarantine, it would be a cool idea to bust out this bad boy. Skyscanner is useful in checking out deals on flights/travel. This app “scans the sky” for the cheapest flights to and from wherever your heart desires! This app even lets you know the most affordable times to visit places certain around the world according to trends and analytics.

Downloading these 5 apps will no doubt improve your wallet while providing you excellent services. It’s beneficial to have handy FREE apps to turn to during these times. Don’t worry, WE got you and we’re gonna make sure we make it out of college debt-free and happy! Happy Semester!

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