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5 Ways to Ignite the Black Girl Magic in You, Inspired by ‘Lovecraft Country’

5 Ways to Ignite the Black Girl Magic in You, Inspired by ‘Lovecraft Country’

When Lovecraft Country debuted on HBO, I can only imagine what the reception was like for the first time audience (Black Twitter included). I was many weeks late to the phenomenon that is Lovecraft, but I certainly felt the simultaneous pangs of excitement, anxiety, fear, amazement, and more that’s invoked by the first episode alone. Truthfully, as the show unfolds, the pit in your stomach seems to sink deeper and deeper. The show is a mesmerizing expression of afro-futurism, black history, magic, ancient taboos, and several what the f*ck moments. 

One thing LoveCraft Country has inspired is a beautiful and dynamic conversation around black people and our generational ties to magic. For those who have yet to watch, I highly recommend that you take the time to dive deep into the show. There will likely be a few episodes that you rewatch, and moments that are simply beyond comprehension. But this series is like the perfect rollercoaster of entertainment and enrichment.

Many themes are explored throughout the show: racism and the role it’s played in America, loss and grief as it relates to family members, paranormal ties to historical events, childhood trauma, and so much more. Love, in all its complexity, is also discussed throughout the show. When it comes to Lovecraft Country, there are so many angles to be inspired from. Watching the show is one way to spark your magic, and in this blog, we’ll explore ways that we can ignite our own black girl magic! 


1. Use of Crystals

Crystals, in short, are minerals from the earth. They come in ranging textures, colors, and weights, and support the owner in specific areas of life. There is a crystal for just about anything you need – strength, focus, help with digestion, an aid for meditation, fertility, attracting abundance, you name it. They can also be great sources of decor, accompanying plants, gracing bedside tables, and beautifying whichever spaces you see fit. You can wear crystals, by placing them in your bra, or in your pockets, so that the loving energy they radiate, goes with you everywhere you go! You can even place certain crystals under your pillow while you’re sleeping to enhance your quality of rest and dreams. One thing to ensure, is that you cleanse your crystals regularly. Make sure to do your own research, but crystals can be cleansed in the sun, the moon, the soil, salt water, by saging, and in other ways. 

Crystals are truly vital for leading a balanced and healthy life, and lucky for you, they’re also very affordable. They can be as cheap as $1 and as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars, but no matter your budget, you’ll find that the most important part is finding the crystal that works best for you. Unfortunately, the pandemic has halted a lot of in person shopping, which is best for crystal shopping. But, if you’re still eager to try them out, there are alternatives online for you to start your collection. A couple great beginner’s crystals are rose quartz for love, tiger’s eye for motivation, or amethyst for focus.  


2. Sun Bathing

First things first, shout out to our melanin!! Lol, our skin especially, drinks up the loving energy and vitality of the sun with ease. However, especially now, with the winter months among us, it’s even more vital that we get some sunlight. Spending time in the sun is known to strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, and combat depression. We’re not that different from plants in terms of needing sunlight, for energy and wellbeing. After a few consecutive days of sunbathing, you’ll find that it really is an investment in your life and happiness.

Soak in some Vitamin D today, or set a goal to do it a day this week, even if it’s cold where you are in the world. Getting outside, for air and sunlight is soooo necessary for our sanity and wellbeing now, especially given the global and national challenges we’re facing. So invest in yourself; you’ll see your productivity increase and you’ll be forced to thank yourself for it!


3. Sisterhood

Another great way to spark the black girl magic within is by spending time in your already existing relationships. There is no greater mirror than those who you surround yourself with, whether that is family, friends, loved ones, or whoever else you spend the most time with. In our case as black women, there is something especially powerful about having thriving and growing relationships with other black women.

From an ancestral perspective, having a strong relationship with your grandmother, mother, or other elder relative is a source of power and strength. Similarly, having relationships of transparency, love, and mutual growth among your peers is equally as important as the wisdom you inherit from relatives. You should surround yourself with people who love you, believe in you, support your accomplishments and talents, and challenge you to grow. Having  such a powerful circle of black female sisterhood at your fingertips is life-changing and infinitely valuable. You and the people you surround yourself with have the ability to do whatever you put your minds to. Connect with them intentionally, and watch the fruits of your labor multiply, as your relationships unfold.


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4. Learning Lunar Cycles

The studying of the moon, stars, and beyond is a practice as ancient as human life on earth. As reflected in the many dozens of disciplines that use the moon and stars as a guide, the moon and stars are powerful and consistent indicators of many happenings here on the earth. As I mentioned, there are many disciplines that dive into the complexity of studying outer space and its direct impacts on our lives. But, there is also a way to connect and work with the moon on a much simpler and practical level.

One of the first things I noticed about the moon cycles is that I would always have a hard time sleeping through the night during a full moon. I would randomly have a night of tossing and turning, and then I’d look outside for confirmation of  what I already knew. While the full moon makes for a restless night for me, the full moon is also a great time to release that which no longer serves you. Make sure to research and find a great method for you, but one thing I’ve done is write on a piece of paper what I want to release, then burn the paper and say a short prayer to confirm letting it go.

Now, on the other hand, the new moon is moreso a time for bringing your desires into existence. It is a potent time for manifestation, and in the same way that burning paper releases undesirables, new moon journaling and lists can bring desirables and miracles into your life. Again, do your own exploration, but a new moon practice I enjoy is writing out a gratitude list of 10 things and a manifestation list of 2-3 things. I also write out a few affirming statements regarding my desires that I repeat daily until the next full moon (about 2 weeks).

Being in tune with the moon enhances your energy and motivations, and that’s just the truth! Especially in a time where technology is so consuming, it’s a very powerful practice to align yourself with a force as powerful as the moon. You can try things out by getting a moon tracking app, and creating a little schedule for yourself. Let me know how it goes on social media!


5. Meditate


The OG practice to ignite your inner magic will always always always be meditation. Quieting the world, your body, your mind, to tap into your innermost self will always be the quickest way to empowerment. Meditation can help you answer tough questions and determine life choices, it can help you to forgive past hurts and traumas, it can connect you to your highest self and ultimately renew you in your divine purpose. There really is no downside to trying meditation if you haven’t already, and before dismissing it as being too hard, know that there are many types for you to try.

You can meditate silently in nature, you can do a guided meditation on a specific theme, you can listen to meditative music, or you can try visualizations. There are so many different types of meditation, it’s just a matter of what works best for you! If you’re feeling particularly inspired by today’s blog, try out this free meditation on igniting your inner power HERE.

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