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How To Talk Yourself Out of Self Doubt

How To Talk Yourself Out of Self Doubt

Sometimes we are our biggest critics. We are unforgiving, harsh, and down right unreasonable with ourselves.

You’re not gonna make it. Your not good enough. Why even try?

All poisonous thoughts that can bounce our skulls at any given moment. So how do you fight it? First off, it’s hard. But it’s not impossible. With time and patience, you’ll be able to climb out of that hole of self doubt in no time. Here are a few ways to kill that pesky inner voice.


If you’re not a spiritual person, that’s more than okay. For me, sometimes I just need to sit in a quiet space and talk to God. I ask for inner peace, I ask for strength, and I affirm myself. If you believe in the perfection of the spirit, realize that you are not too far off from the same state. Sometimes we just get a little lost in the sauce, but everything we need to succeed is inside of us. So I also ask God to open my eyes.


It is very effective to get your thoughts out on paper. Start writing out all your doubts and fears, pay attention to your current feelings or mood. Write down everything that’s on your mind, but wrap that journal entry up with some affirmations. “I will ______, I can do ________, I may be doubtful right now but _________.” Encourage yourself.


If prayer isn’t your style, maybe meditation is. This requires you to sit in silence and clear your mind. With mediation you’ll get in touch with the present, and release all that anxiety over the future. There are even some awesome apps that can guide you through meditation, which will be a great idea for first timers!

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See what you want! Close your eyes and really think about yourself doing all those things you’re doubtful about. What are you wearing, who’s with you? What country are you in? What’s your mood? There’s nothing wrong with a little daydreaming to get you ready for your goals!

Go do something fun!

Take your mind off of your anxiety, and go do something that relaxes you. Read a book, get your nails done, go see a movie, go for a run, whatever helps you loosen up. Sitting around beating yourself up won’t change anything, so why not go and pour into yourself?

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