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Regretting Your Big Chop?

Regretting Your Big Chop?

In April of 2015, I chopped off all my damaged and declared myself natural again! That great feeling of a new journey pushed me to grow my hair to 14 inches as of February 2017, but suddenly I felt the need to big chop ONCE again.

Immediately, I felt a rush of regret come over me. Like what did I just do? Why did I shave my beautiful curls off?! I’m BALD! These are all the thoughts that ran through my head as I held a bush of curls in my hand. Having to start my journey off from scratch, I’m learning to love my hair and myself all over again. Big chopping may seem risky and you may question if it’s worth it, but it is! Giving yourself a fresh canvas grants you the opportunity to grow strong healthy hair, and we all know short healthy curls is better than long damaged hair!

But if you still find yourself second guessing your chop, here are some tips to help you make it through the “baldy” stage.

Head Wraps:

A quick and easy way to look cute on the go is to protect your hair using head-wraps! In all patterns, colors, and fabric, you can dress your wrap up or play it down for a more casual look. Amazing websites, like TheWrapLife and other Etsy stores, have a wide range of beautiful wraps. You can never go wrong with a simple one, especially if you’re not exactly comfortable with having a teenie weenie afro. Thousands of YouTubers have videos upon videos on how to wrap those baby curls right up. It’s something you can rock along your entire hair journey!

Product Junky:

This is the best time to try out everything on the isle for natural hair. Creams, gels, whips, and leave-ins; you name it! Your hair is going to let you know what works for it and what doesn’t, what better time to discover your holy grail products? Like I said above, you have a fresh canvas you can do trial and error every month. Before you hit your one year mark post big chop, you’ll have at least three different product lines your hair loves to eat up!

Stop Length Checking Excessively:

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Your curls will flourish, your coils will pop, and your edges will not fall short. Calm down, take a deep breath and let your crown do it’s thing. Constantly checking and stressing over growth every week is not going to make this process go by any quicker than it naturally should.

Our hair grows about half an inch every month, with great care and lots of TLC your hair will for sure grow quicker than that, but you can’t down a whole bottle of vitamins and smack some black castor oil on your scalp and expect to wake up with curls falling pass your waist! It’s just not realistic, therefore not worth stressing over. Just pick up a healthy hair regiment and diet and keep it pushing, trust me your hair will grow. Try doing a length check every 3 months and stop comparing your journey to some YouTuber with hair down her back saying she grew it in 6 months with the help of some pill and coconut oil. Everyone’s journey is unique to their own hair. Enjoy every moment of yours!

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