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Plant-Care is Self-Care: Juanita’s Plants Brings Indoor Jungles to You

Plant-Care is Self-Care: Juanita’s Plants Brings Indoor Jungles to You

Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent (or struggling to keep your plant babies alive) we all can agree that a little green in a room goes a long way. Navigating the world of plants can be both healing and overwhelming, but one shop owner is bringing a happy medium to her customers. Kat Hernandez, founder of Juanita’s Plants, is on a mission to create better living and working spaces for all New Yorkers through plants. Her brand, based in Brooklyn, NY, serves as an online plant shop, delivery, and design service.


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What made you create Juanita’s Plants?

As a native New Yorker, I have always been drawn to nature to balance out my surroundings of tall buildings, new condominiums, the fast pace life of cars honking, and people rushing to the subway. Creating an indoor jungle in my home, allowed it to become a safe haven and sanctuary. I wanted my every day to have plants involved in it in some shape or form. I wanted to live a life where I can make a decent living but contribute something positive to people’s lives.

Juanita’s Plants is also about paying homage and carrying the legacy of my grandmother, Juanita Campusano, a wonderful soul who passed in 2019.

What is your personal philosophy or motto that keeps you motivated and why?

Be audacious! It is possible. Just start.

What is the biggest life lesson you’ve learned along the way?

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I have learned that if you put yourself out there, you’ll be surprised to see people appreciate your story, your journey, and are interested in seeing you win and grow your business. I’ve learned to not be afraid to send an email to a company/brand/ influencer I thought would never get back to me. To my surprise, they would respond and be interested in working with me!

What’s a challenge you’ve overcome as a business owner in the past year?

I’ve learned to not do everything on my own and just be okay with asking for help. I’ve also learned to build a team to help with things that I have a hard time doing.

What advice would you give someone looking to follow in your footsteps?

If you dedicate your time to what you are doing, I promise you will be rewarded with opportunity!

Juanita’s Plants is prepping for a pop-up shop at Hester Street Fair this July, where plants will be offered at a discounted price! *Plant parents rejoice* Follow the brand on Instagram stay updated!

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