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Stop What You’re Doing and Watch ‘Makeup and Breakup’ the Series

Stop What You’re Doing and Watch ‘Makeup and Breakup’ the Series

Move over Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO. We have a new fix for you that can be found right in the comfort of Youtube. That’s right, we have another internet show that is sure to have you holding onto your laptop, shoving popcorn into your mouth, and counting down until the next episode. Web Series “Makeup and Breakup” is the perfect candidate for your next binge-worthy Friday night.

Created by Philadelphia native Eric J. Dickens, “Makeup and Breakup” covers the story of lovers Brooke and Blake who have just called it quits. Brooke, a headstrong young woman, pulled the plug on the relationship that in her words…. was only popping because of the sex. Which leaves Blake on his own, stumbling back into the dating world with the help of his two friends. But just when he meets a new girl, Brooke catches a change of heart. Uh oh!

Set in the fast paced city of New York, this series dives head first into the tangled web that is black millennial relationships. All the on-again-off-again foolishness, the frustration, the confusion, and that intoxicating intrigue that keeps you coming back for more. It’s the favorite headache you can’t get enough of.

So pretty much you’re in for must see drama!

Premiering just this past September, “Makeup and Breakup” has already grossed almost 3,000 subscribers and over 60,000 views with only 3 episodes posted! It’s safe to say that this is the perfect time for you to get addicted while the fire is still growing. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their day staring a such attractive lead actors anyways?

Get hip and get hooked now on “Makeup and Breakup” now. Thank us later!

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