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Meet the Creator Behind WebSeries “Situationships”

Meet the Creator Behind WebSeries “Situationships”

If you’re looking for your next web series fix, we’re here to tell you to look no further! Situationships tells the story of eight New York City millennials, navigating the ever-complicated realm of dating. But we’re not talking about your average “boyfriend-and-girlfriend” relationship, we’re talking about those dangerous and all consuming situationships. Yep, this is a no-cuffing zone!

So who is the brains behind this addicting show? None other than Cylla Senii. Not only does she have a starring role in her own series, but she also wears the hat of director and executive producer! We sat down with her to get an in-depth look at her process and the crazy world of millennial dating.

What made you decide to create a web series focused on relationships or “situationships”?

Around two years ago, my friends and I kept having conversations about how complicated dating had become for our generation. As I kept hearing all of the hilarious, wild, and sometimes embarrassing dating stories, I reflected and thought how interesting it was that everyone seemed to be struggling in this area, especially with the onset of social media, Tinder, and the like. Everyone seemed to have a story, and with that, I thought that the topic of situationships would be a great show because we all can relate and remember the time that we were in one. Since that moment, I decided to get my ideas on paper and share my take on what’s going on in the dating world from a diverse, millennial perspective.

Creating your own series takes a lot of work. How did you get started?

After deciding I wanted to bring the story to life, I started outlining, writing, and planning. Since I was wearing a lot of hats as a director/writer/producer/actor, it was really important for me to cultivate a strong team. I worked with some great people along the way, and with a lot of hard work, we made it happen.

Are any of these drama filled plots based on true stories?

Some of the plot lines were created from extremely exaggerated personal stories of my own or from my friends, and some were completely made up during the writing process. Fun fact: The entire episode one of the series is based off a true story that happened to someone I knew in New York City (minus the cake). I’m really proud of all of my actors for being able to portray a lot of these relatable stories in such a truthful way.

What do you want your viewers to walk away with after watching “Situationships”?

When people watch the show, I want them to walk away feeling as though they’ve watched a great show that they can totally relate to – whether they feel like they are just like one of the characters or have a friend that’s just like one of them. And most importantly, I want them to enjoy watching it!

As a young, female entrepreneur of color, what advice would you give to someone hoping to follow in your footsteps?

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The most important thing for you to do is get started. Actually go for it, and surround yourself with positive people to work with you and encourage you along the way. Once you start putting action behind the ideas you create, you’ll be able to accomplish anything that you aspire for.

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