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This CBD Wellness Kit Saved My Otherwise Boring Valentine’s Day

This CBD Wellness Kit Saved My Otherwise Boring Valentine’s Day

As someone who’s embracing this year’s Valentine’s Day single AF, I’ve been thinking of ways to make the day special for me. I did a little internet sleuthing, and found that thanks to Foria, my Valentine’s Day dream had come true, in the form of my two favorite things: cannabis & self-love. 

Something I’m guilty of having done in the past, is to place outward expectations on Valentine’s Day. I would expect elaborate plans, some huge show of romantic affection from my current somebody, and guess what? It has never, and I repeat NEVER worked out the way I wanted.

In 2021, rather than look elsewhere for love, I’ve decided to turn my gaze inward. My Valentine’s Day will consist of love affirmations, rom-coms, face masks, champagne, and now – to top it all off, I will be ending my Valentine’s Day with my new bedroom essentials from Foria Wellness. The products lend themselves to couples, of course, but there is also an intentional focus on self-pleasure.

Ding ding ding, just what I need this February 14th! Lol, their Quickie Kit has already come in clutch for me personally, and I can’t wait to use it in my future moments of intimacy too. The kit includes mini 15mL sizes of Foria’s best-selling Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD, Intimacy Lube with CBD, and a pack of their Intimacy Suppositories––three products designed to ignite connection and intimacy at a moment’s notice. What’s most impressive about the brand itself, is that the products are organic, plant-based, and vegan friendly! And as mentioned, most (if not all) of the products include CBD, which I’ve always argued is the best part of cannabis – the relaxation piece. 


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I’m no stranger to self-pleasure, but I’d never tried CBD based products in the bedroom before. Nor had I ever considered how impactful it could be as a way to induce pleasure! Similarly, the suppositories, which I’ve only ever known in the context of medical use, have been completely reimagined and repurposed. In the quickie kit, the suppositories are for increasing longevity and arousal in the sheets. But Foria does have an alternate suppository for that time of the month, rivaling Midol, Tylenol, and any other former cramp-killer. 

Foria has already redefined my capacity for loving on myself. I’ve always hated how taboo it is for women, especially black women to sexually and intimately care for themselves. The handful of products I tried in the Quickie Kit are really just the tip of the iceberg, and from the cannabis, to the purpose, to the aesthetics, I’m all in!

So if you’re in the market for some new self-care products, or some new products for you and your partner in the bedroom, Foria is definitely the place to start!

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