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Tips For Taking A Social Media Break

Tips For Taking A Social Media Break

In the age of that man in the white house (whose name we will not soil this lovely blog with), social media has become hella exhausting. Whether it’s a battle over a bill targeted to exploit the black, poor, disabled, etc, or you’re being bothered by Nazi trolls; sometimes you just need a break. But it is hard .

We’re gonna tackle this first cause most of us love social media, but what’s harder is dealing with the idea of anxiety related to social media. Social media has now become a 24-hour news cycle so anyone can access anything at anytime, meaning we’ve become addicted and attached. You ever look at twitter, scroll, close the app and open it again? That, right there is the attachment part. So here are my top three tips for taking a much-needed social media vacation.

Start Small

I started doing most my SM related detox on weekends, starting Friday when I go to bed. It’s two days, you can occupy your time with something else for 2 days (reading, binge-watching, leaving the house)

One at a time

When I became exhausted due to that of social media, I started with a platform, I didn’t care about so much, anymore: Facebook. It’s mostly the same arguing of opinions or random family stuff it was easy to leave. I mostly just use it to update folks on my work and now I only access it through my computer, making the app on my phone obsolete. I can’t lie, it feels good to not be looking at what everyone else is doing and just focus on me.

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You don’t have to rid yourself of everything

I check twitter and other status update related things than I do photo so I always keep instagram because it’s nice to look at something pretty or the IG story of your fav(s).

Social media is like sugar, it’s really good, but bad for you in large quantities. Sometimes, you just gotta cut yourself off. You’ll probably feel withdrawal for a bit, but after a while it will be super easy. Just remember you’re doing it for the sake of your sanity, you gotta take care of you!

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