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Ideas For The Perfect Girls Night In

Ideas For The Perfect Girls Night In

Hey again ladies! Is it about time for you to host a night in with your girls again? Need ideas on how to have a blast with your best gal pals? Coming right up.

Host a Movie Night

Everyone loves a good movie night! Invite your girls over and pick out the best chick flicks you can find. Try to choose movies that you can’t typically watch without your boyfriend whining about it. If you and your friends have a mutual favorite movie pop that in. Or if you don’t like chick flicks search Netflix as a group and find something you’ll all enjoy. Pop some popcorn, and if you have the funds for it,  go to the dollar store and invest in those cute vintage popcorn containers! Popcorn, a movie, and your BFFs – it doesn’t get any better than that!

Dance Party

Tired of the same old thing, try inviting all your girls over for a dance party! You get the fun job of making the playlist of songs you can all dance to! You can even find cheap strobe lights online that will really help give your dance party a fun feel. Push your couch and all other furniture against the wall so you have the maximum amount of space for dancing! Set up the cool lights, grab a speaker, and rock out with your besties!

Cupcake Decorating Night

The next Girls Night In idea I have for you all is rather tasty – that’s right, cupcakes! Throw a cupcake decorating night! This will require a little more prep than others because you will definitely need to make a trip to the grocery store! Purchase a few boxes of cupcake mix (depending on how many guests you’ll be having), various sprinkles, and multiple flavors of frosting. You may want to get some icing decorating bags for precision, but this step is completely optional. The day of your girls night in, make the cupcakes, but don’t put anything on them. (Maybe make one for yourself beforehand, we won’t tell) Then wait for your girls to arrive and have a blast making sweet treats and even sweeter memories!

Art Night

If you have a group of creative, or even semi-creative, friends, this kind of girls night is for you! An art night can be lots of fun, but a little expensive if you don’t already have art supplies laying around the house. But don’t fret! Just grab the basics from a discount store – crayons, colored pencils, paint, brushes, and paper! Invite your girls over and lay out the supplies and let the creative juices flow! For my older girls (21+) feel free to add wine for even more fun!

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Game Night

If you and your girls love playing games, its only obvious that you should host a game night! Search through your house and find all the board games you can and let your friends pick which one you’ll play first. No board games in your house? No problem. Grab your phone and go to the app store, download Heads Up, an app formulated by Ellen DeGeneres. Its like charades but you put the phone on your forehead and it will have a word on it. Your friends will have to act out or give clues on what that word is! It’s a great game to play and a true test to see how good you and your friends communicate!

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