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5 Things To Do During A Depressive Episode

5 Things To Do During A Depressive Episode

Depression is a silent killer most of us have come into contact with. Whether we’ve suffered personally, or known someone who has, we all are familiar with how debilitating it can be. If you find yourself having more low days than usual, suddenly wanting to be alone more, finding it hard to get out of bed, here are 5 helpful tips you can do to progress towards feeling better.


Seriously. Crying is a release and compared to a lot of other, more dangerous forms of release, it’s harmless. Sometimes you have to let it out, all of it; even if it’s just the start of feeling better.

Leave the House

If you’re like me, you hold yourself hostage in the house when you’re depressed. However, the air outside can make all the difference and so does the sun. Seasonal affective disorder is depression caused by the change in seasons and usually that means when the winter sets in and it gets dreary outside, well you get dreary too. Do your best to get some fresh air, even if that means just opening your window. 


If depression makes it so you don’t want to eat, I’d probably start with this one. Food is important and odds are if you’ve been depressed and not eating, you feel worse and that’s not helpful. Also, if all you did was eat during your depression, odds are it was a lot of junk and sugar. If that’s the case, you’re due for a decent lunch and some nutrition!

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Much like crying, water can be cathartic and for me it’s almost as if I’m washing the “yucky” feelings of depression off of me. Spend as much time as you want underneath that water and have a silent moment of reflection. 


It’d be a lie to say that music isn’t some form of therapy for all of us. So find a song, any song and listen to it. Rather you want to sit and connect to the lyrics or get up and dance to the happiest song you can think of…… it’s worth it.

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