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Halloween for Grown Ups

Halloween for Grown Ups

All Hallows Eve is the day we celebrate the dead. Ghosts, ghouls, witches and skeletons prowl the streets, alongside their adult, costumed counterparts. I, personally, am going as a French Maid this All Hallows Eve, in celebration of all things thotish. There is no denying that Halloween is catered more specifically to children. But who’s to say that grown-ups cannot celebrate Halloween too? Here are a few ways you can join in the celebration this year.

Trick or Treating

This is a bit tricky, because no adult in their right mind would give a grown-up trick or treater some candy. To effectively score some free candy, you might have to find a child or two to go with you, posing as their guardian. Or, alternatively, you can wait until the day after Halloween for some major Halloween candy discounts, this time, with no children to share it with


Clubs and bars have been running Halloween celebrations at least a week prior to the 31st. The 31st is the big day, however. You can celebrate with other costumed people in a surreal atmosphere unlike every day.

Costume Design/Contests

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Costume designing is, in my unbiased opinion, probably the best aspect of Halloween. With a wealth of TV shows, books, films and other fiction, there are so many costume characters you can go as for Halloween. This is where science fiction meets Pagan customs, and costumes you can only pull off at Comic Con can be rocked for one more night. Two of my favourites, so far this year, have been Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, or The Other Mother from Coraline. Some places even offer prices for the best costume.

Pumpkin Carving

My neighbour has a pumpkin carved in the face of Jesus Christ. How clever! Pumpkin carving is becoming an art, as Halloween becomes increasingly celebrated around the world. With pumpkins cheap and plentiful around this time of year, you can hold pumpkin carving contests for a cheap, stay-in alternative to celebrating All Hallows Eve.

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