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Successfully Moving Out Your Parents’ House

Successfully Moving Out Your Parents’ House

As of a month ago, I moved out of my mom’s house. It was a journey, to say the least. I was (and still am) slightly terrified. Now that the move is done, I have five tips to help you on your journey too.


This one’s kind of obvious, I know, but it’s also super serious. Find your minimum and maximum, and try your hardest to stick to it. Include everything you currently pay for as well the new bills you may inquire. (Also; renter’s insurance is encouraged)

Plan of Attack

After you figure out your budget, there’s the logistics of finding a home. Set a timeline to when you want to be out (anywhere from 3-6 months in a good base), where do you want to live? With whom? All important questions that need answers.


This is the most mind-boggling part of a move. When I moved I had to go through all of my things, including the stuff my momma collected (pics, blankets, etc.) That was nothing compared to the stuff that I owned, box after box I was just like “how and when did I collect all of this shit and why?” I was floored and definitely had thoughts of becoming a minimalist. The bonus here is there’s no such thing as having too much rent money, so don’t be afraid to sell!

Become BFF’s with Amazon

I lost count of how many times I made an Amazon list to move, so when it was time, I did one last check and made that thing public. Also, it just so happens that my move coincides with my upcoming 25th birthday so now the birthday list and house list are the exact same thing.

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Gather your people

Last, but not least you need a crew. Your parents, friends, partner, whatever a crew is required the day of the move as well as a few days after. (Putting furniture together is a bitch). Afterwards, you can happily pay them in beer and pizza.

Moving is not easy, but the growth from it is good. Make your plan. Trust your path. You got this!

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