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Hot Girl Summer in a Pandemic

Hot Girl Summer in a Pandemic

Even though summer is cancelled because of the COVID-19 shenanigans, it does not mean that we can not still have a hot girl summer. According to Megan The Stallion:


And that’s exactly what we gone do.

Hot girl summer is living by your own rules and not giving a damn about what others think. Yes, women have their own different perspectives on what a hot girl summer is. But that’s the beauty in it. You get to choose! Whether that is having fun traveling with friends, going out to the club, or doing something that makes you feel good as a woman. (well, maybe not the going out and traveling part cause Ms. Rona)

During this quarantine, I have lived in my truth for the first time in 2020. You have no choice when you are in lockdown due to the pandemic. However, the truth is that I didn’t know my true self. When faced with my true self, I realized that I need to love me more now than ever. People in the world are not going to love me because I want to be loved. I have become a better woman.

I feel that I have a new love for myself more now. My version of a hot girl summer requires me turning up my confidence and feeling like I am the baddest girl out there. Even in the midst of a pandemic, this is an important time for self celebration and growth.

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It will be hard with the new requirements of fun. Just make sure to wash your hands, have hand sanitizer on deck, wear a mask if going to public places, spray behind your guests if you have a house party, and most importantly? Focus on making this personal time special.

Until everything blows over, we’ll just have a quarantine hot girl summer. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t dip into your baddie bag while indoors!

How do you plan on celebrating your quarantine hot girl summer?

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