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TikTok Challenges Perfect For 20-Something Year Old’s

TikTok Challenges Perfect For 20-Something Year Old’s

As we all cope with social distancing in an indefinite Covid-19 world, there’s nothing like a social media challenge to provide needed distraction. TikTok in particular has currently taking the internet by storm, but honestly… all of them challenges ain’t for the 21+ club (I mean, who can move that fast anymore????)

Here are the current trending challenges that you’re still “hip” enough to join in on:

House Party Challenge

Pretend we’re all finally off house arrest and re-enact your #houseparty behavior


Don’t Rush Challenge

Gather your girls and show us your best looks from basic to baddie!


Savage Challenge

Okay… you may need to practice this one. Channel your best Megan Thee Stallion and throw it back one time. Here’s the creator herself Keara Wilson

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Something New Challenge

Perfect for families with super simple choreography. Just remember to STAY ON BEAT!

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