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Men Are Giving It To Us Straight on #NoChaser

Men Are Giving It To Us Straight on #NoChaser

How many times have you had questions for the opposite sex about dating? Probably a lot. How many times have you actually approached a guy and asked? Well…. probably not so much.

Don’t feel bad. You my friend are not alone, especially in a day where most of us get dating advice from who we follow on Twitter. We make assumptions, start a battle of the sexes debate, and walk away… feeling more confused then when we started. Luckily for us gals, there is finally a solution in web series entitled #NoChaser.

Headed by bloggers at Brown In The City, #NoChaser gives you all the uncensored, unscripted, and unapologetic answers to questions you’ve been dying to know. 6 men, Dion, Thomas, Fr!day, Lindsay, Lex, and Kirk are put on the spot about topics such as interracial dating, DM sliding, celibacy, and dating with children.

As candid and sometimes hilarious, as their responses are the show is a great example of why communication between the sexes is so important. #NoChaser also aims to deconstruct stereotypes within the black community, as they directly effect relationships amongst black men and women.

So… grab some popcorn and catch up on episodes 1-3 now on Youtube. No matter how tough or easy the dialogue is to swallow remember, #NoChaser(s) allowed! *eye emoji*

Instagram: @nochasertheseries 

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