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Amazing Natural Hair Companies You Haven’t Tried

Amazing Natural Hair Companies You Haven’t Tried

Sometimes it’s hard to pull away from our “holy grail” hair products, given the fact we can always depend on them to keep our curls popping! But, eventually we have to introduce ourselves to fresh product lines that can potentially become our new go-to’s. Now looking in your bathroom, you’ll find common and popular brands such as Shea Moisture, As I Am, Cantu, Miss Jessie’s, and others that reach the masses through large product distribution. Are these companies amazing? Sure! But there are thousands of smaller companies that could be just as, if not more, amazing than the bigger names.

Also our hair and scalp can become so conditioned to those same products, that it may not react the same way or even pull the same oils and nutrients. Our hair needs a switch up every once in awhile to prevent it from becoming dependent on a certain oil or ingredient, so your hair won’t go crazy or have withdrawals. Like our skin, it needs a steady routine that can be alternated occasionally to give it a chance to benefit from other essentials. Sure, this can be done by staying within in one product line, however each company uses a different formula that may work better for your curls! Here are some amazing natural hair companies that you need to give a try!

Alikay Naturals

Founder, Rochelle Campbell, went natural 10 years ago and within her first year she damaged her curls with excessive coloring. When deciding to do another big chop, she experimented with different ingredients eventually creating her famous Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil.

Including ingredients that not every natural hair company carries in their line such as Eucalyptus Oil, which promotes hair growth and strength, Cedarwood Oil that relieves a itchy or irritated scalp, and Burdock Root which reduces thinning hair.

Campbell’s website is organized by hair type and what your hair needs. Dividing her products by kinky, curly, wavy, and straight, you can easily find a hair regimen that fits your hair! She provides an actual hair formula that can promote healthy hair through 5 to 6 easy steps. To treat, cleanse, condition and tend to the scalp, you are sure to find a holy grail routine in Alikay Naturals.


Made with organic, plant based, African botanical, herbal ingredients; Soultanicals is a toxin-free, cruelty-free, and not to mention vegan company. Through their vision of self-love, their products are made to encourage holistic lifestyle. With pomades, butters, conditioners, and serums you are sure to find something if not a whole routine of products to suit your curl!

All their pure and healthy products are under $28, so you’re able to find everything you need at an affordable price. Who doesn’t like saving their hair and their wallets from being dried out? Soultanicals gives you environmental and economical safe alternatives to the big name companies that may not always be conscious of what their products contain.

Koils By Nature

Free from any parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic colors, or animal products you are sure to trust and rely on Koils By Nature for rich and purely made products. One of our biggest concerns is finding a nice, suitable alternative brand that has no impurities. Knowing the importance of using clean products during your natural hair journey, the founder, Pamela J. Booker had every kink and curl in mind. Vegan certified and cruelty free, this natural hair line has something to suit everyone’s needs. Creams, butters, custards, and cleansers, you name it! They got it! at affordable prices their products are aimed to please.


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Licensed cosmetologist and Sophia Sunflower Salon owner, Kirka Bradsher, created a beautiful natural hair care line that dedicates itself to providing moisture and nutrients for black natural hair. By developing purely made products, she is able to help African-American women and men find a simple, yet effective hair regiment to help both grow and feed our natural hair. With a top selling Type 4 Creme and Herbal Hair Cocktail, you are guaranteed to find your new regimen that will keep both the look and health of your curls poppin! How can you not want curls that feel just as good as they look?!

These are just a few of the thousands of natural hair lines that may be hidden in the crevices of your browser. Not everybody can find a bomb hair regimen in commercialized lines we see at CVS or Sally’s, but looking past the counters and into our own phones we can find a smaller company that ships right to your front door. If you’re still looking for pure and nutrient packed alternatives, remember you can always go completely green by whipping up your own DIY hair care line! The natural hair community has tons and tons of alternatives and ways for us to let our curls, kinks, koils fly free.

Not to mention, every company listed above is black owned, keeping our coin within our community. Now, some big name lines may also be ‘black owned’, but from the looks of ads we see online…Are we really the target audience? Are those companies we spend so much on, keeping us in mind?

If we want to see ourselves represented in the products supposedly made for us, we must put our money where we are the purpose and will remain the purpose (even if and when the small names make it to big counters). No tea ,no shade-but let’s expand our hands out to fresher companies and try some lines we may have not tried before!

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