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5 Black Women In Tech You Need To Know

5 Black Women In Tech You Need To Know

If you’ve heard that it’s rare to find Black Women in technology and STEM fields, you’ve been fed a lie. Cause we out here.

While at one point the numbers were low, I can tell you that black women are not only growing in technology, they are changing the whole game. Take a look at these 5 Black Women in Tech and get ready to be inspired.

Khalia Braswell | @digital.diva

I’m going to talk about her first because not only is she an influential Black Women in Tech, she is currently molding the next generation behind her. In her early years, Khalia was so in love with technology, she asked her mother for a new computer over Jordans. Later, she would become a UX design engineer for Apple, a seemingly dream job. But Khalia’s heart was elsewhere. She began INTech, a camp that teaches young girls how to code. Working remotely for INTech while working at Apple proved to be challenging, so Khalia recently left Apple to concentrate on building and managing INTech full time. It just proves that you never know where your passions will lead you!

Moogega Cooper-Strickland

Does she sound familiar? That’s because she starred in the TBS reality show King of the Nerds. While we all know she had to have some serious nerd cred to get on the show, her credentials are out of this world.

Yes, homegirl is with NASA as a Planetary Protection Engineer since 2011. Her degrees include a Bachelors from Hampton University in Physics as well as a Phd in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University. So that’s Dr. Moogega Cooper-Strickland to you.

Abigail Joseph

In another example of using your passions to help others, I feel just as inspired by Abigail as I do with Khalia. She works as an MIT Master Trainer in the MIT Media Lab. But part time, she teaches computer science to middle school students. Just like Khalia, Abigail is also creating an army of Black Women in Tech.

Victoria Nneji

Victoria is a Robotics Research Scientist at Duke University. Her mother noticed her passion for tech at a young age and always encouraged her to reach her goals, no matter how high. You can learn more about Victoria through her Careers with Code profile

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Kristen Ransom

After earning a Bachelor Of Science degree in Human Factors Engineering from Tufts University, Kristen continued to make amazing strides in the field of technology. She even worked with Harley Davidson to create bikes with equipment geared towards smaller female riders. Recently, she founded a software company known as IncluDe. This company is a game changer as the goal is to provide digital design and development services to businesses owned by minorities.

All of these women are incredible and I’m excited to see what they will do in the future.

What do you think? Is there anyone you would add to this list?

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