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Working, Wifing, and Mothering Through Quarantine. Here’s What I’m Learning About Me

Working, Wifing, and Mothering Through Quarantine. Here’s What I’m Learning About Me

It is totally understandable to be afraid of the unknown and have built up anxiety. Even though, there is a fear behind Covid-19, there is also a lesson to learn from being in isolation. There are certain behaviors that I did not know that I could or would inhabit while #quarantining, as well as very reflective moments.

There are five things that I have realized during this global virus which are:

I am impatient

I am usually a patient person, but after being sheltered in place, sometimes I feel like a maniac in this house. Can you imagine working on you computer, while your child is running around the house, and husband hungry, and you have a Zoom call in 10 minutes? Crazy! I miss going to work and talking to my kids at school, I need to go to the beauty and nail salon badly, I miss going shopping for clothes–even though I have been online shopping like crazy–and I miss going out with my friends for brunch or drinks. This pandemic has literally sucked all the fun out of 2020. 

Keeping in touch isn’t the same

I am connecting with my family and friends a lot more than I have ever before. I lost sight of having a simple conversation on the phone. Texting is cool, but there is so much meaning when you call a person. I use Face Time and/or Zoom to call my family so I can see them, but you never truly know what you have lost until it is gone. Don’t take advantage of that. Trust me.

I need to value my time

Let’s not take for granted the time we are given. Try to focus on things that you haven’t done in a while. I have tons of books on audible that I have not read that I just didn’t have time for, but now I do. I finally cleaned out and organized the kitchen, office, and closets. Lastly although I work/teach from home, take care of my son and tend to my husband, I am utilizing “me time” when I can. At this point, it is required so my husband and I could take turns getting a mental break and much needed rest. 

I am being present

 I am the type of person who is always on the move and gets things done in a timely fashion. I work in the school system as a teacher, so I’m always managing daily goals such as grades, assignments, lesson plans, emails, training etc. As you can imagine, I’m always busy and sometimes my work follows me home. But now I’m balancing utilizing my time with family and working. Whether my son is running around the house playing or my husband talking to me about sports. I am there being attentive for my family.

I am finding daily alignment 

Alignment is hard to do especially with all the noise of the world. But, the most important thing is to be one with yourself: mind, body, and soul. Find things that make you happy. For instance, pray and meditate for at least 15-20 minutes a day. I have a sacred place in my office, and in my front room to zen out.

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Body alignment is also exercise. I workout at least 30-45 minutes a day, whether walking in my neighborhood, doing YouTube workout, yoga, or playing with my son in the backyard. I find time to stay active even though quarantine 15 pounds will sneak up on you!

I’m also connecting to my soul with a lot of reflecting. As a teacher, I reflect with my students after they finish an assignment, assessment or discussion, in order to check for understanding and see if there needs to be changes. I now make space to do the same for myself. Reflecting on my life is essential whether it is out loud or in my journal. It is my way of manifesting. 

Yes, 2020 has been trash so far. However, quarantining did not all turn for the worst. I am able to be with my family, do things I never had time to do and most of all get back to myself. I’m learning to push through adversity, stay in control of my sanity and patience, and value my time wisely with the people I love and work towards my passion. 

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