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How to Manifest The Energy You Desire

How to Manifest The Energy You Desire

There comes a time in our lives when we’re ready for the life we deserve. We are through with what we know. We are over the energy we put out and/or accepted from others.

Is that us?

Do we even know where to begin?

After deciding that we want better ourselves, we slowly begin to ponder how you’re going to get it. At first, it can even sound intimidating. As we grow older, we often fall into the pattern of our own ways. Don’t worry. We are NOT defined by our old values, and we’re always able to make changes. The strength to manifest what we want in life comes from us. 

Remember, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Everything we want, we already have. Bringing this to the forefront usually takes on a more intrusive route. 

By definition, (to) manifest means to “display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate.” To establish our ideal energy, we have to show ourselves we can attain it. One of the most potent ways to do this is with our brains. We all heard the saying, ” the mind is a terrible thing to waste” Let’s train it to get what we want. 

Enough of settling for the average. 

Let’s look into some ways to embody our dream lives.

Decluttering Your Space 

What does it mean to you to declutter your space? This can be both physically or emotionally. Think about it. When was the last time you felt like the air around was clean? In this step, it’s an excellent idea to physically clean your workspace. Wherever we get your work done, it provides the most productivity for you. Tidy it up. Reinvent this.

On the flip side, in terms of emotionally cleaning, make it a priority to strip away relationships, friendships, and opportunities that do not enhance our lives. You know the ones I’m talking bout. Strip away things that trigger us and our trauma. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to heal. Manifesting new energy calls for a clean slate. We can start a new chapter. 

Think Positively

We get it. It sounds a little cliché. This step is always easier said than done, so it gets hard to actually believe. We know that our minds are influential. Don’t ever underestimate it. In fact, our thoughts are so powerful that it can influence what happens in our physical realm. To do complete this step, it would be great if we understood ourselves better. Take time to understand our desires and belief system.

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Through this, we can practice what we preach. Set your standards. Start treating yourself the way we want to be treated. Look into the mirror and repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Do not invite negative characteristics of yourself to seep in, even as jokes, because the universe does not know the difference. Remind yourself how awesome you are. Who else gonna make sure the baddest is good?! You are worthy of everything you desire. 

Be Specific About Your Goals 

There are no such things as good or bad goals, but achievable goals are always accurate. Now, take a second. Think about what EXACTLY you desire. An uncle of mine always told me that a close mouth doesn’t get fed. How exactly do you want this dream career to be? How exactly do you want this relationship to go? You can’t ask for something you do not understand. Being exact will also allow your goals to be “check-off able.” Pay attention to the energy shift around you during this period. The more we ask, the more we receive.

Recieve. A keyword that means EVERYTHING in this step. We have to be open. Imagine taking time to know what you want and manifesting it, but closing yourself from flowing it into your life. Sometimes, it is the most challenging to allow ourselves to receive, especially for Black Women. Society has a way of telling us that we shouldn’t sit back. We can never have a break. We are always encouraged to give and not collect.

The art of receiving is accepting. Allowing things to flow will bring us closer to the life we seek. Being free-flowing does not minimize our values and standards, but instead will enable us to notice things around us for what they really are. This personal dedication to ourselves will allow us to open our minds and hearts to a more fulfilling life. 

Manifesting positive energy into our lives will take effort. However, this process should not be consuming. It should not be a matter of obsession. The higher power is already looking out for us at ALL times. Through those tiny steps daily, we can increase purpose. The life you desire is closer than you think. Let’s open the door!

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