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5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month like a Millennial

5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month like a Millennial

It’s Black History Month, a time to celebrate all things black! Here are 5 ways to celebrate Black History Month like the marvellous Millennial you are!

Attend a Museum Celebrating Black and African History

African-American Museum in Philadelphia, PA

Discover your roots by visiting a museum celebrating black history and culture. Although history has cruelly glossed over African history, there is now a revival of African history in contemporary history and arts. Find a museum that teaches you about the history of the black man and woman!

Host a Movie Night

It is a great time to be black in popular culture and the arts such as Hidden Figures, Selma and Star Wars: The Force Awakens to name a few. There are so many black films being released, but let’s not forget the movie predecessors that made this happen. While a lot of films about black identity are themed around slavery, colonisation and oppression, there are still plenty of movies that explore the broad complexities of life and identity as a black people.

Go to a Concert Featuring Black Music

Hip Hop’s not dead! It’s well and truly alive. Trap. R&B. Pop. Grime. Rock. We’ve seen the explosion of newer black artists in the mainstream, and in the niche market. We’ve seen the continued popularity of those black artists who rose to fame in past decades. Go to a concert featuring black music and celebrate with these artists. Discover that black rhythm within.

Shop a Black-Owned Business

Find black business owners in your local community and support them with your patronage. In this time of unbridled greed and the growing strength of capitalism, it is NOW to support local businesses and to strengthen the force of your local community. If the business owner happens to be black, then even better!

Attend a Protest Uniting Us as One

Black History Month is a celebration remembering the pain of a large group of the earth’s population. Still, we must not leave it at that. Yes, we remember slavery. Yes, we remember oppression and yes, we remember the horrors of a colonialist system, but we also need to remember those coming behind.

We must not leave a world worse off than ours. We must fight to improve the liberties and preserve the democratic values that those behind us took up weapons and laid down their lives for. We must not let them divide us. We must keep up the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity that unites us as one, beyond race, beyond religion, beyond class, beyond age; as human beings.


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