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How to Eat Out and Stay Healthy

How to Eat Out and Stay Healthy

New York City is a diverse stomping ground filled with enchanting restaurants and exquisite cuisine. Whatever your palette craves, I guarantee there is at least one restaurant that will satisfy you. But let’s be real. We can’t eat like we used to when we were teenagers. As we get older, it gets harder to lose weight, maintain girlish figures. It can feel challenging with hectic work schedules and social lives to eat right and take care of our bodies. I’m here to offer you some tips on how to eat healthy while eating out.

First things first, let’s think about calories and carbohydrates. Personally, I don’t like to be overly full and I also like to not spend a million dollars on a meal. So I want something that’s reasonably priced and will fill my belly up. What to do?

First, survey the menu. You want a balanced meal, with some greens, a protein, and carbohydrates. If one can get a combo meal, such as an appetizer (soup and salad), as well as an entree, you’re good money! If not, focus on getting the most bang for your buck, with the possibility of leftovers!

Stay away from overly creamy foods, fried foods, and empty carbs ( like foods heavy on grains). Also, consider asking for sauces and dressings on the side. Sometimes, the chef does the most.

Order wine or a light mixed drink, such as gin and tonic (super low on calories). Be wary of the cocktails, as they usually contain a lot of sugars.

Don’t order soda. You don’t need all that sugar. Growing up in an immigrant household, Mom and Dad never let me order anything but water. It obviously must have stuck, because now it’s always water, and only soda with my mixed drinks!

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Try not to get desserts, but if you must satisfy your sweet tooth, consider sharing with your dinner partner, or ordering something semi healthy, such as a sorbet. Thank me later!

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