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Yvonne Orji and T.J.Maxx are Empowering You to ‘Find Your Maxx’ and Live Authentically

Yvonne Orji and T.J.Maxx are Empowering You to ‘Find Your Maxx’ and Live Authentically

She captivated our hearts and twitter-fingers as Molly on Insecure, and now, she’s helping other women rediscover and amplify their ultimate selves.

Emmy-nominated actress, comedian, and writer Yvonne Orji has partnered with T.J.Maxx to launch Find Your Maxx: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gives women essential tools that empower them to ditch the fear of failure and put themselves first. Whether that means taking their creative expression to the next level, getting their side hustle off the ground, or anything in between, one lucky winner will receive the mentorship of a lifetime with Yvonne herself–and $50,000 in starter funds to help propel them toward their Maxx self.

We caught up with Yvonne to dive deeper into the “why” behind this ground-breaking partnership, and what she hopes to leave behind for women following in her footsteps:


How did you learn to step into being your most unapologetic self?

A lot of work and a lot of therapy! A lot of humbling moments, tears, and confusion, and then eventual surrender to the goal. In the pandemic I definitely went inward, I mean I think a lot of us did. We didn’t have the distraction of ‘busy.’ Sometimes you know there’s stuff you gotta work on but you’re like “I’ll get to that next year!”, it’s on your vision board every year (laughs) it’s like when is this vision going to happen? Because this is doable… like this month!

So when I had the time, I did the work of going inward, excavating, and then realizing I wasn’t really being my most authentic self, with my most powerful voice. And I said “Oh, we not gon’ do that no more. It’s a new day, it’s a new me, and I’m living my life to the Maxx!” It was very humbling and you have to give yourself a lot of grace.


So many of us fell in love with your talent through your role as Molly in Insecure, what lesson did that character teach you?

What I loved about Molly’s evolution, and what I think a lot of the fans loved, was when she got to season 5 and did the work. Because the reality is, it takes work to heal. She was a human being who was hurt, who was experiencing life, and possibly not being the greatest communicator, but she wasn’t irreparable. She was growing!

The fact that she was able to find her Maxx in her own way, I think that is the part of her journey where we finally became one. Because her journey was the journey that Yvonne was doing.


Who in your life has been a big style inspiration for you?

My style was probably influenced by men more than women. I grew up with three brothers and was a ‘tomboy’, so I would sneak into their closet and get their oversized jeans. I loved the structure! I love taking male jackets and tailoring them and making them fit me. Who says that you can’t make something your own?


What inspired you to create this partnership with TJ Maxx?

What I particularly love with any campaign that I do is the synergy of it, this felt organically aligned with what I’m naturally doing. I’m actively in the process of finding my Maxx, and sometimes you can help someone jumpstart the process when you just jumpstarted it for yourself.

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One lucky winner will get to be your mentee! Have you ever had a mentor? If so how have they changed your life?

I’ve had several mentors. You’re mentored by people without even knowing it. People you’re inspired by are always dropping gems, it’s up to you to pick it up. And what I love about any kind of mentorship program is exposure, it’s a great equalizer. When you can see your Maxx in someone else, you can believe in more for yourself. That’s why I’m very excited to do this.


So how does Find Your Maxx work?

From now until August 26th, participants can enter for their chance to win via by submitting a short video that defines what finding their Maxx looks like. The contest is free to enter.

The grand prize winner will receive $50,000 in funding along with a mentorship with Yvonne Orji. Five finalists will each receive $10,00 in funding and be paired with Sophia Casey, a certified life coach and corporate trainer with more than 30 years experience, to help begin their journey.

Beginning in October through November, T.J.Maxx will also launch the “Find Your Maxx Workshops” as a part of The Maxx You Project, an ongoing initiative to support women as they navigate becoming their most authentic selves.

Visit over the coming weeks for more information on workshop dates and how to tune in!

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