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Is Raising Dion Worth The Binge-Watch?

Is Raising Dion Worth The Binge-Watch?

The much anticipated Raising Dion is finally here and available to stream on Netflix. The show’s pilot was a refreshing take on the comic book of the same name by Dennis Liu, who serves as one of the show’s executive producers. Raising Dion is a hour-long episode sci-fi narrative about Nicole Reese (Alisha Wainwright), a single mother raising her son Dion (Ja’Siah Young) who has supernatural powers she must help him control and keep secret. The show intertwines these challenges with frequent flashbacks to her deceased husband Mark Warren (Michael B. Jordan), a storm chaser, who plays a big role in why Dion has these supernatural powers.

The show was developed by the author of the comic book Dennis Liu and has been in development for years. After being picked up by Netflix on October 5, 2017 for ten episodes, the premiere date has been highly anticipated by many, especially with Michael B Jordan attached as a recurring star and executive producer. There was a premature teaser that was released early on that depicted a darker skinned mother that left viewers a little confused when Alisha Wainwright, a lighter skinned actress stepped into the role.

This caused a debate on representation and colorism with critics pointing to the casting decision being intentional. Often in TV and film, teasers are made to give a feeling or mood to investors and networks but doesn’t mean actors involved are final. With no true knowledge of this move, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the acting in the show, especially from Young who plays Dion. Wainwright does a great job as his mother. Her range as a strong mother taking care of Dion but also being vulnerable is impressive but sometimes seems a little unbalanced and over the top at points. Nonetheless, the chemistry between the two is very believable and one of the reasons the show is worth watching.

In development, Dennis Liu and other executives behind the show’s goal was it being “a cinematic experience for all families that will lift your spirits and make you laugh and cry.” Raising Dion does just that and effortlessly balances the cool aspect of his powers but also the emotional experience of the single mother raising him.

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This unique balance makes the show ideal for anyone who likes a good sci-fi storyline and is tired of their same old TV rotation. I’d give this show a solid ⅘ stars and recommend everyone and anyone to stream Raising Dion on Netflix.

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