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6 Black & Binge-worthy Netflix Shows to Watch Neoww!

6 Black & Binge-worthy Netflix Shows to Watch Neoww!

One thing we’ve learned about media consumption these last few years is that streaming fatigue is most definitely a thing! We now know that there’s such a thing as having too many shows to watch, which can be just as bad as having nothing to watch. With so many options and no recommendations, the endless scrolling eventually leads me to binge watching seasons of Girlfriends or One on One for the 50th time! Finding a good, quality show to watch should not feel like working a part time job and it no longer will cause I’ve got you covered. No matter what vibe you’re searching for, these shows will fulfill your hearts every desire: 


Greenleaf (currently 5 seasons):

You might think your family is full of drama but baby you have no idea! This OWN created drama series follows the turbulent and scandalous life of mega church family, the Greenleafs. When the eldest Greenleaf daughter, Grace (played by Merle Dandrige) returns home with her teenage daughter after a 20 year absence, her journalistic skills uncover her family history embedded with decades of greed, lies, death and adultery. The family matriarch (played by Lynn Whitfield) isn’t afraid of a little tussle and will stop at nothing to bury her family’s scarring secrets and maintain their good, Christian name. With father and Bishop Greenleaf at the helm (played by Keith David) can this family survive all they’ve been through? This series does not hold back on the drama and will definitely send you down an emotional, screen screaming spiral (I was invested like they were my family). In May 2020, a GIF was posted to the show’s official Twitter page insinuating a sixth and final season was on the horizon. However, Deadline reports that the show’s fifth season is now its final and could possibly be followed by a spinoff. 


Top Boy (currently 2 seasons on Netflix)

If you’re a fan of sex, drugs, murder and The Wire, you’ll definitely want to add this to your watch list. Originally airing in the UK and canceled after two seasons in 2013, Netflix picked up the show for its revived third season thanks to credited producer and rapper Drake. Drake?? Yes, that Drake. The crime series, based in a fictional project housing complex in East London, dives into the lives of small-time kingpins Dushane and Sully. Sometimes partners and sometimes enemies, the pair provide their audience with both the glamorous and rough lifestyles of the drug game. American viewers were quick to point out the similarities to the HBO series, The Wire. In March Netflix announced the series would receive a fifth season, likely to be its third and final season with the streaming giant.


How To Ruin Christmas (2 seasons)

This South African dramedy is one we all might be able to relate to; family drama! Free-spirited Tumi seems to constantly find herself the cause of trouble even with good intentions. Whether it be Christmas dinner, a funeral or her younger sister’s wedding, the exploits are never far behind when Tumi is in attendance. If you’re looking for a good laugh (or a cry) coupled with shady one liners and relatable comedy, this is the series for you! Both seasons feature the same family in different messy situations with, you guessed it, the finger pointed at Tumi. Season three has not been announced but critics suspect it will return in late 2022. 


She’s Gotta Have it (2 seasons)

Based on the 1986 film by famed director and writer Spike Lee, She’s Gotta Have It is a series for the sexually liberated women in all of us! With DeWanda Wise starring as the lead character, Nola Darling, the modern adaptation stays somewhat true to the original film. The series propels viewers through the complicated love life of a young, carefree black woman living in a gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood. The best part? This time around Nola gets a fourth (yes fourth), lover in single mother of one, Opal Gilstrap. Unfortunately in 2019, Netflix opted to not renew the series after just two seasons. Spike Lee has expressed interest in shopping the series to other outlets. 


Blood & Water (currently 2 seasons)

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This South African drama follows 16-year-old Puleng Khumalo as she investigates the mysterious abduction of her sister shortly after birth. After attending the birthday party of a popular private school athlete, Puleng is convinced she has found her sister who is living life as a popular and wealthy private school student. Puleng transfers to her suspected sister’s school in order to solve the mystery. Along the way though, Puleng uncovers some ugly truths about her family that could tear them apart forever. Season 3 is set to premiere on Netflix September 24th. 


Family Reunion (4 seasons)

If you’re looking for a more light-hearted, casual sitcom, this modern family comedy is sure to lift your spirits. When successful football star Moz McKellan experiences a career ending injury, he relocates his family from their lavish life in Seattle and returns to his humble beginnings in a small Georgia town. While struggling with their major transition, viewers are taken on a journey of growth and necessary life lessons. The series explores the struggles of parenthood, marital conflict, family disagreements, teenage rebellion and new beginnings. The combination of serious topics and family oriented comedy makes this a very relatable show that anyone can enjoy. The star studded cast includes Anthony Alabi, and veteran actors Tia Mowry, Loretta Divine and Richard Roundtree. Netflix announced the series would be renewed for its fifth and likely final season. 


Being the free-spirited and eclectic soul that I am, She’s Gotta Have It never gets old for me and I recommend you start there to get the ball rolling. Now that you’ve been put on game about a few great tv shows, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and a glass of wine and get to watching! 

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